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  1. rbell

    Shocking prices!

    Not sure if this has been asked before or not, but the does the £50 rebuild cost cover EVERYTHING, i.e. new tube, new rod, new spherical bearing, re-gas etc, or is it a MINIMUM £50 charge? (plus the vat, of course, making it £60...... Oh, and postage. Another £10???? So £70??) Either way, its still quite close to the £85 (not sure if that is plus VAT or not) that another supplier charges for a brand new and PROVEN shocker. (Oh, and a fully legal one at that....) I can't quite get my head round the fact that the same supplier has offered (at very minimal cost, possibly free) to retro fit an anti-tamper device (and therefore going some way to stop foul play) to a shocker that MOST of the sport already uses, against paying almost double for a UNPROVEN, potentially illegal shocker......... Or am I missing the point?
  2. rbell

    Bell Vue Blog

    you DO realise that the mini 'world' final (national championship) is at Northampton, right?? Because the way your post's read, your thinking its at Lynn on the Sunday...........
  3. As far as I know, Dave still owns it and uses it to carry his classic cars around in. Guessing he was off to a car show somewhere?
  4. everyone's 'torsion' bollosh.......
  5. rbell

    F1 Tyre Test?

    In my 'humble' opinion, its almost totally useless to test tyres in the way they were tested yesterday, unless the tyres being tested were of an 'unknown' quality. The reason I say this is that the tyres HAVE to be tested under REAL race conditions, with a driver trying to win, driving at 110%, not half a dozen drivers spaced out around the track. Yes, the drivers 'may' have been trying, but it still isn't race conditions..... Hopefully this will happen with a selection of tyres from different manufacturers later on in the process. The 'unknown' quality comment was added as a nod towards safety; I feel that if it is a new manufacturer, or different type of tyre, then yes, there is maybe a need to test this tyre under these conditions, just to make sure it is fit for purpose. The cost of an individual tyre means nothing; Its how many laps you can get out of that tyre at a CONSISTENT grip level thats the key question. Would most drivers be happy to get 500 laps out of a tyre costing £300?? You can bet your life on it.... Will that happen? Never say never, but most unlikely.
  6. rbell

    462 bus ?

    It is indeed Colin's old bus..... We were trying to work out how old it is; I remember seeing it around in the early 90's. Anyone know for sure?
  7. I would imagine it was due to the potential damage to the track by the wheel rim, and/or the possibility of the damaged tyre becoming separated from the rim and causing an unnecessary stoppage.
  8. rbell

    EYEWTK why 16 laps

    And in all probability a different tyre......
  9. rbell


    Regarding foreign drivers and the 'apparent' lack of knowledge regarding 'our' rules, I did notice that in the back of H19's bus several 50 ltr tins of 115 ron 'race' fuel. Is this now allowed please? Obviously I am taking it for granted that the fuel in the tin was indeed 'race' fuel, rather than pump fuel from a normal petrol station that was just being stored in the tin...... . Maybe Conrad (LW Autos) will know the answer to this as well?
  10. I am sure Andrew Smith had ceramic coated headers on one of his last cars..... But yes, I am VERY impressed with Tom's desire to think out side of the box. For far too long we have had far too many 'clones' on the grid. Expensive? Yes. Desirable? Yes. Innovative? Undoubtedly. Better? Well, last year they were..... But like has been said above, they all have bumpers, don't they? Good luck Tom, I admire you.
  11. rbell

    UK OPEN 2013

    Any idea what time this is on please Chris?
  12. rbell

    My Laps

    They still aren't, 0s0. And, despite me re-joining today, I STILL can't view the results, as its saying my membership is invalid, and I have to contact MY admin, lol....... Like Colin said; If it ain't broke, don't fix it........
  13. rbell

    My Laps

    lol, I was JUST about to ask the same! The new website is pants...... I tried to create an account, to see if that was easier to find results, and even THAT isn't working right it would seem! Lets hope its just teething issues........
  14. rbell

    Instant Expert ?

    I agree Alistair, Gary didn't take any rubbish from anyone, but still had to run around trying to get drivers into cars. Its an age old problem, and other than the 2 minute warning I don't see an easy solution. And Nigel? Only one F1 race, maybe, but there was another formula racing ......... *edited for spelling
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