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  1. Short memories spring to mind. Same manoeuvres made on Tom at the Euro weekend A couple of years ago but no drivers loaded up, race control Must of had rose tinted glasss on that weekend.
  2. Great to hear your on the mend you took a hefty trip to the fence infront of us and wondered how you were, get well soon x
  3. Do we know the race format sat ? Thanks
  4. Marco totally agree Who wants to see 16/17 car heats for a shoot out finale was roundy roundy the final & GN were no More exciting than the heats, not necessary coventry maybe kings lynn as to me that's the premier shale track, it was exactly the same as last year Poor, total anti climax to this prestigious event Can't knock the drivers that did turn up r/r 3 d/d 4
  5. Ah strange mine didn't record anything other than a error message Thanks Pete
  6. Was kings lynn on at 6.10 recorded it but nothing Recorded? Thanks
  7. Can i come to the box office friday morning and purchase sat genreal admission tickets to save me queing sat? many thanks

    203 booked

    Yes it was dad bought his car and kept the number so he didn't have to reprint the car lol

    203 booked

    Correct Steve travelled together and cleared up at Stoke one night between them

    203 booked

    Garry 481 would jump at the chance even at the age of 62 would still Be racing now if he could afford to be competitive, gone are the days of working mans sport.
  11. So tragic, so young. Thoughts with your family & friends R.I.P. Marina x
  12. Where have you got the list from? Can't see it anywher
  13. Room at south view park hotel fri and sat £59 a night only lovely hotel late bar 07780 671562 sarah
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