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  1. Turned sour? I’m not following as to why? Please, let us know how it has turned sour? Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Admins, is there any chance we could make this temporarily sticky at the top of the page so it doesn’t get lost?
  3. We have already sold some of the trade stands. We have had Teng Tools offer is Sponsorship for certain things too. Im sure you all know that Nige is on the organising team too! There will be more added as and when we have any info. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible! We would love to see most of the F1 field there too.
  4. Hi everyone, I have more details for the show for you all, we are getting close very quickly and we are about to get very busy with the organising side. We need to start getting drivers booked in and trade stands sorted. If you need anything let us know. Lets make this an amazong show for our sport. The info is all below for you! MWA Show #letsfencecancer Soap Box Derby Imagine.20+ Stock Car teams in fancy dress (prizes for the most outrageous) pushing mini replicas of their Stock Cars around the Peterborough Panthers Speedway Track in front of a packed stand2 members of the team pushing as hard as they can for the first lap before the other 2 members take over in a highly amusing, but very competitive, relay race.in aid of the BriSCA Stands Up To Cancer Charity group! Just one of many events that the MWA Team are busy working on at this fantastic venue have a look at this video & then imagine 500+ cars and all this at the official BriSCA F1 Show from 2019 Live Action Arena (Concrete) inc F1s, F2s, Saloons, Ministox, Autograss etc Racing Demos FMX Display Team Live Action Shaleway inc Karts, Micro F2s, Demos Passenger Rides Motorcycle Trials - try it! Trades stands - everything you need to go racing in one place! AutoJumble & Auction Live Stage with Interviews, presentations, DJ, Live music & other events. On track Team Racing with many of the top drivers taking part Zorb Racing Photo Opportunities with the Stars Competitions Junior Race School RC Stock Cars - Watch or Race! Junior Starter Competition Slotstox - see what its all about Pit Stop Challenge VIP Sponsors Lounge & not forgetting... The MWA Party Night!!! Plus loads more TBA Trade Stands are available from under £100 Special offers now on www.motorsportwithattitude.com Be quick if you want the best location for your stand! First come first served. Email show@motorsportwithattitude.com If you agree that Stock Car Racing needs to come together & show everyone what a great spectacle our sport is please get in touch with your ideasbook your trade standsponsor an event, or one of the halls or one of the many trophies up for grabs for best show cars etc Weve all said for years that our sport needs promoting to a bigger audiencethis is just the beginning. Get involved this is your show as a race fan or race team! We want to attract sponsorship from bigger companies to the ovals. It wont just happen, we need to be proactivebe part of MWA #letsdothis! The MWA Team
  5. What happened to 2 rolling laps for the WF? Caught me right off guard when they went hammering into T4! I always thought they had 2 to whip the crowd up a bit!
  6. Not too bad was it. The track is looking good, it’s good to see the level of investment made. Didn’t have to queue at all really. Took 2 kids and they got in free, cannot argue. A couple fomslight niggles, One rolling lap for the WF? I thought it was 2, would have built the atmosphere more, and never seen one without 2 laps! And is it time to plate the fence? The delays before the Final were quite long, surely they know the Armco will take a battering? The Racing was fats, some decent hits, probably not a classi WF bit Mr Smith did his job. Who said he wasn’t good enough in Tar? Looks like he was to me. I wanted Frank to be up there but it just wasn’t to be, he does look like he’s getting that car dialled in though. The general pace of everyone last night was unreal! All in a good meeeting, pretty happy with it, can’t grumble too much at all! The Saloons are right up there for me too, always hard hitting and fun to watch them! Should be a regular support for F1’s! RR 9 DOTD 390,only had then one race but it was the one that counted and he did his job very well.
  7. I’ll be there! I’ll have my MWA High-Vis on. If anyone wants to ask anything then just give me a shout, you’ll not miss me, I’m effectively a Giant. I’ll pop along and see you on Saturday Nige.
  8. We already have lots of this lined up for Motorsport With Attitude! We have 1/12 1/8 and 1/5 ready to put in a show! We will have some of the drivers racing too!
  9. Good Morning everyone, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for yesterday! I will update later when we have all spoken but the response we had was not only brilliant but slightly scary! We had no idea Interest would be this high and we are all waking up today happy and a wee bit taken aback by the support! This show looks like it is going to be huge! we have lots of work to do now but can't wait until February! Thank You!
  10. Tomorrow should be great. We have lots of sorting to do when we arrive! It looks like my learner car will be the official Pace Car taking everyone up to the venue! We are all really excited to get this up and running and launched tomorrow. It’s great to have people like Nige on board with us! I’ll try and upload some pics and info tomorrow from the venue! I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow! Have a safe trip everyone!
  11. Evening everyone, I am on the organising team for this with Dave Renie and a few others, we will need help from as many as can eventually, if anyone wants to know anything feel free to drop me a PM! We have around 100 cars just for the Press Day on the 11th. We have lots of news coming up so stay tuned, I am sure Nigel will keep you all updated!
  12. Cmakka23

    45 retirement

    Wel, that had me going for about a minute! Then I looked at the date. Speaking to you last night, and seeing you let the kids sit in the car and hand out stickers is what its all about. My mates little lad was loving it last night, then he sat in the car and was buzzing. He held onto his sticker all night and Ive had to go and get him a Toolbox to stick it on today. You drove well last night, some bits of bad luck but still keeping up with the big guns. The peoples Champ is absolutely true! The track would be dull without you. No retirement for a few seasons yet I hope!
  13. Is there any chance of getting a few F2 updates today too? Getting results for them is like finding Hens teeth!
  14. I didn't go this year. It's the first year in many I haven't. The last WF there was not the best and I suspected the same this year. Someone else said it above, the result was, in my mind secured before the event, it didn't excite me. The other reason I didn't go was cost. I know it's been done to death, but it's an issue for me. With work it was never an option for me to purchase my tickets early and save £10 so to me, with the prices being hiked up £10 on the gate it felt like I was being held to ransom! Add in the 4 hours travelling time, food and fuel and it would have cost me way over £200 for my Dad and myself. I don't think it's justifiable to charge £45 on the night to watch any form of short oval motorsport, and that saddens me. I'm glad that people that went enjoyed it and thought it was worthwhile, it just wasn't for me this year and I don't regret one little bit not going!
  15. Cmakka23

    BMB Inquiry

    12 Month Ban, with 6 Suspended. Not long enough in my opinion. Should have been the full 12 at least.
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