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  1. Had a request to post this from someone who went but isn't on here. Having just returned from an absolutely belting weekend on the island of Texel, I felt I wanted to share our thoughts on what was a truly memorable trip (for a number of reasons, mainly in the night clubs). We decided after the european meeting at Northampton last year, where if I can remember rightly, only 2 foreign drivers appeared, that it was time for a change. A group of 7 of us travelled up to the island of Texel on Friday 14th July, ready for the weekend, and what a weekend, over 90 drivers including 10 Brits ( Bonus , as we decided we were going, long before we knew of any interest from over here). Arrived at track to find entry fee was 15 euros for 2 days racing! it was the first time ever we have questioned the gateman , that we should be paying more to get in!!!! Must of been the cheap beer from the bars the night before!!!! Racing was just bonkers, track got quicker as weekend went on, it's an odd shape, nearest comparison we could think of would of been the old Crewe including bumps! Racing finished Saturday and we got invited back to Pascal Spigt's farm, what a guy he is, on top of racing himself, he entertained all the Brit entries and families over the weekend, and also layed on an enormous barbecue with as much food as you could eat and drink. A massive thank you Pascal and team for a memorable evening. Sunday dawned cloudy , but luckily it stayed dry all day, racing again was quick and hectic, building up to an absolutely cracking final, we really wanted Finn 55 to nail it , but unfortunately got clobbered early on, leaving us to watch Boersen and van der lest battle it out. They put on a stunning display fighting for the lead, with 226 running out the winner, big credit to both for throwing everything at it for the win, a great race. But finally, the best thing was being grabbed in the pits afterwards by the track officials, drivers and mechanics from holland, asking us if we had enjoyed our weekend, and to wish us a safe journey home on Monday! Also, had a catch up with Emily Sloof (HOT), her mum and her brother Joey Sloof (100), who gave it everything on track , but had little reward all weekend. we we're all really impressed by Joey's driving. A really genuine , lovely friendly family. Also, Mrs Kroonder and her daughters for meeting up and posing for a few selfies, thanks again. Come on Brits, get yourself booked up early for next year, you will not be disappointed, regardless of whether Brisca allow any drivers to go !!!!!!!!! Northampton Euro is dead, Bring on Texel 2018! Regards Phil ( salsa man!), Keith ( Sh!#..i've got my wifes passport!), Woody ( wheres Emily), Shayne( wheres alcohol!!), Rob ( wheres my pork scratchings!), Dave ( wheres the hotel!!) and finally Chris ( Mr Tomato face!!)
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/221893515518 Listed for a friend so any questions please use number on the link
  3. Based on f1's alone being an f1 only forum.. Dotd 217 R/r 2, and that's only because 446 was good to watch! If there was only one car on track it would still get 8's on here.
  4. Consi semi should be first race of world final night, but no another meeting to line the pockets
  5. Come on people, remove the blinkers. He might be a hero to you but speaky jumped the start. If he hadn't of hit the brakes he would of been overtaking danny before the green. Not sure it deserved a DQ as he only hindered himself but docked 2 places at least.
  6. Why should he get to choose? He isn't good enough to be red and was only a matter of time before he dropped, just not sure it's far enough. Can't see him "dominating" from blue.. Or winning a race for that matter but we will see
  7. All you need to know about the racing rating is if you rate it less than a 6 you are wrong. No meeting is ever less than a 6
  8. dotd 2 Racing Rating - 1, f1 only forum so I will only be rating the racing from f1's. Not how good the burgers were, or how bad the m6 was, totally irrelevant. The racing was terrible, no contact at all, and no I was not just watching the leader. In one race about 6 cars went into the last bend and just followed each other round the bend?! If you enjoyed last night I hope you are at Hednesford today as they have two of the "best" non contact formulas on in bangers and hot rods, you will love that. Also, we all would love to see Lundy win, but he needs down grading, he wouldn't of won from yellow last night. Minis were the best formula.
  9. jimmy259

    NO STOKE IN 2014

    Well said, can see that going down well
  10. Dotd 1 R/r 1 7, 8 and even 9's! You could of just had one f1 going round yesterday and people would still rate it an 8. Rubbish Racing from the f1s, follow the leader, thumbs up to 1 and 212 for knowing what a bumper is, Been to 2 buxton meetings and both were rubbish due to low turn outs, I would replace it on the fixture list with more shale(Cov/KL/Scunny? No BV or sheff or stoke.) Or get the scottish weekend back. Support Formulas - really? Each to their own but Stoxkarts and rebels just don't cut it for a semi meeting. I'll let the v8s off as they seem to know what a bumper is. Semi final meeting... not enough chips. Really?! Paid £18, watched some cars follow each other then got turned away for asking for chips! Also think that you should only get your place on the WF Grid if you compete in the rest of the meeting (Barring damage) and not load up like some did (21 etc) Other than that had a great time. Speedway was decent.
  11. Dotd 197 for livening the meeting up with some great hits in the final. R/r 6 would be less as sprint cars are worse than watching paint dry, and the racing was just rubbish until that final when ryan livened things up. Extra point for taking out Gilbank, shame he didn't rattle him around the armco but still time.
  12. jimmy259

    Bradford is back

    Those of a sensitive nature may not like the following post: Stockcars will not be back at Bradford. Get used to it. Get over it.
  13. 1 Good race(Not Brilliant, just good) doesn't make it a 9.. even a 7 people! I must of been elsewhere, or maybe because it finished early & we all got home in time to spend a few hours on here then it must be a 9. Based on RACING alone as it is the racing rating then I will give it a 3. Probably would of been a little bit higher but think its best to average the scores out. Dotd 37 R/r 3
  14. Why am I seeing 8's or 9's?! What were people watching, or was I watching elsewhere? Must be because people haven't seen an f1 in a few months, could put an f1 on its own round the track and we would still see the odd 8/9 R/r 3 Dotd 154
  15. Season should Start and End at the best track.. April Cov... November Cov. Sorted.
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