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    F1 fan since i was about 3 months old :)
  1. Simon811

    Sad news

    Condolences to the family at this hardest of times.
  2. Simon811


    Record speed of response from the Encyclopedia Britannicarl..... You either have a very good memory or a heck of an indexing system for your notes
  3. Mid 90's we were still jumping out and hopping over the barriers although it was becoming less common. Looking at it today it seems nuts but it was just what we did and an acceptable risk at the time to a great many of us.
  4. Simon811

    Bumpy Old Tracks

    Boston used to be pretty bumpy at times too
  5. Weather report from BV is looking pretty good at the moment so will be heading off soon
  6. Looks lik the good luck wish worked well
  7. Not many cars but you know what, it was a pretty decent meeting, good atmosphere in the pits, drivers showing some interest in actually racing rather than just going round. Was in two minds about this one but really really glad i did. The final was strange with everyone hitting self destruct simultaneously but all adds to the fun. Lots of racing and no big damage which is always good to see. Thanks to everyone who raced, top job.
  8. #4 looks to be playing the sensible game and going for a safe finish, 217 behind 318 under waved yellows, could be a good restart.
  9. Yeah no one can predict this one with any certainty, building up to a great (I hope) finish.
  10. Fabulous day, 318 very much on it as is #4, hoping 217 just finds the tiny fraction he needs, going to be an epic finale for sure.
  11. Simon811

    Keir Millar

    So many on here more eloquent than I so i'll keep it simple, rest in peace Keir, my heartfelt condolences to friends and family.
  12. DOD 217, smooth most of the time but hung it out when needed. Very good driving. RR 7 - Pockets of phenomenal driving but I don't know, just didn't really get me going. For an early season meeting though it was well attended and the standard of prep on the cars was nothing short of breathtaking.
  13. Terribly sad news, Bobby was a true icon of the sport, no quarter asked for or given and on his day he would mix it with anyone. Thanks for all the memories Bobby and rest in peace Sir.
  14. Simon811

    Fixtures from 1990

    Amazing really, we raced tar at Skeg then a mad dash to Boston and then use the same car on shale. Ok we were in the tooz but how much setup could we change in the 15 minutes we got . The same was true for a lot of the F1 lads. I know we tend to have rose tinted specs but god they were really good days in the late 80's and early 90's.
  15. Simon811

    Fixtures from 1990

    Ah Skeggy / Boston double headers, some days the best racing happened on the road between the two tracks
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