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    fan 39 yrs,driver twice 235
  1. f1cc-af

    how many tracks

    41 in uk and 6 in holland,5 in nz
  2. Always fancied going to texel,cant make it this year but was just wondering about taking a motorhome over. Are you allowed to stay at the track for the weekend? If so hopefully go next year.
  3. no nic,your not losing it. he was there but had prop shaft trouble in practice and never made it out
  4. f1cc-af

    Dave Leonard

    only met Dave once,true gent RIP dave,xxxxxx
  5. you have until midnight the day after to pay for the crossing,via the internet,you dont have to register beforehand
  6. I hadnt been to Coventry for 18 months until Aprils meeting.I enjoyed it so much i will be back again tonight,and i dont care who or how many cars will be there,your always guaranteed 60-70 cars,always have been and always will be,until it closes.
  7. looking good,will be there myself this week,first time in 2 years at cov,
  8. The video was done by my son Simon Antrobus aka brisca53,lol
  9. f1cc-af

    Old Belle Vue

    i remember we used to buy tickets from office in the morning and spend the day in belle vue before the meeting.
  10. I live in Bulwell,for my sins,lol,never seen anyone else with stox related attire though,they were probably just passing through,fast,lol. Shaun.
  11. RIP The Blonde Bomber. One of the best stock car drivers ever, never forget him chasing Nigel Whorten around coventry infield in their cars after nigel took him out,while he was leading a race. My condolences to family and freinds.
  12. f1cc-af

    sint maarten

    Have been to both tracks many times,but for atmosphere,has to be venray,for the racing,st maarten. shaun.
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