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  1. This is a picture taken during the 1988 presentation lap at Hednesford:
  2. Lambert has had a huge accident in Baarlo after which he had to stop racing. Later he was sponsor of Friedhelm. He indeed still owns the bar in Geleen (Cross Carrousel) and also visits races at Venray now and then. In 2003 he raced in the veteran's race at Venray in the H.12 car.
  3. just added reply to fast... difference between the 8 and 45 was the engine. 45 was using a mercedes engine. friedhelm tested that car also (believe it was 1984)
  4. Friedhelm was a friend of my dad (Mat de la Roy h.7) and as far as I know never a team member of John Neis. John and Friedhelm both lived in Geleen. There were 2 cars looking the same, sponsored by Lambert Keulen: Friedhelm's car and the Broer Wetzels car (h.45)
  5. Hi, I just read this as there is a link to this topic in the topic 'Best ever Signwritten Car ?, Paint Job and Livery?' Willie Nieling lives nowadays in Bingelrade, in the south of Netherlands (Limburg). In the time he was a stockcar driver he owned a dancing in Schinveld called Meetpoint. De la Roy (my father), Rutjens, Welters and Keulen are also still living in the (south) limburg region. Lambert Keulen still owns a pub in Geleen (Cross Carrousel). Cheers, Maarten
  6. Chris, Nice design!! I would like to buy 2 or 3 shirts from you (including one for the driver on the print) ! Please let me know if you know more about the shirts. Cheers, Maarten
  7. Maarten

    Sad News

    This is really sad news. I remember visiting the Seabrook family with my parents when I was a young boy... Rest in peace Sam. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this diffcult time. De la Roy family
  8. Maarten

    Google Earth

    Nice to see it from above, I remember my dad trying out the stockcar around the garage after repairing the damage from a Bradford meeting back in `87....
  9. Eindhoven Airport is much closer to the circuit than Amsterdam. I don`t know the nearest trainstation for the circuit, but I can search it on the website of the dutch railway company if you want. If you have a hotel for example in Venlo, that`s easy to reach by train. But Venray can also be reached by train, but don`t know how to get to the circuit from the station (maybe best way is a taxi, with 5 you can get a van). From Amsterdam with train is also good to do. There is also Maastricht Aachen Airport, that`s not far from where I am living and is about 80km (50 miles) from the track. Don`t know if there are any direct flights from the UK to Maastricht. Cheers, Maarten
  10. Maarten

    old tracks

    15 minutes from me there is a perfect place for a Stockcar track: http://www.megaland-landgraaf.nl/page.php?...previewsitID=12 If there wouldn`t be people against racing there, you just needed to put a fence round the track. Facilities are there and also enough space for pits and parking. It was build for horse racing, but since many years it is not used as a track anymore. Once a year there is a big festival called Pinkpop and the rest of the year some smaller events. In the past there has been a stockcar race once on this track (the long horse track at the pictures, the small tarmac one wasn`t there at that time). I believe it was end seventies/begin eigthies. Cheers, Maarten
  11. Maarten

    F1 Speeds

    Topspeed at Baarlo was certainly higher than 150km/h! The straights are much longer than at go-kart tracks, and with my kart (Birel / Rotax 125cc) I reach a topspeed of approximately 135km/h at the circuit in Genk (Belgium). So a stockcar F1 with a powerful V8 engine certainly gets up to a higher speed at Baarlo than 150km/h. Cheers, Maarten
  12. Some nice pictures on your site, the one from Nelson is great! The Dutch car however, number 7 on the picture, was my dads car. He was sponsored by Charles Feyts. More pictures of these car can be found here: H.7 De la Roy Nice to see the old pictures on your site! Cheers, Maarten
  13. Well at least I don`t have a X5... Mine is older (1996)... Have to say that I am NOT the regular BMW driver and all mentioned in above messages is true, but luckily there are exceptions...
  14. It was a good event and the Stockcars were superb without silencers!!! It was nice to see the "Stars of the Past" out on track again! There is a videoclip on the following site: http://www.sportmoteur.be/Vid_ECE2006.php Cheers, Maarten
  15. Another picture from stockcars in the snow, taken at a Christmas meeting in Baarlo: Cheers, Maarten
  16. More info can be found on: http://www.europeancarevent.com Cheers, Maarten
  17. You can hear a bit of the Naco song from Baarlo and Gendt as intro on my website: http://members.home.nl/dlr (English part needs an update soon...) Cheers, Maarten
  18. Maarten

    world final 1991

    @ LondonStoxFan: You wrote you watched the 1988 WF at Hednesford, do you know if H.7 (Mat.de la Roy) is also on the tape/dvd? He raced there, but don`t know if he`s on your tape/dvd as he had problems with the car during that weekend... If he`s on, is it possible I can buy a copy of the video from you? Thanks! Cheers, Maarten
  19. Thank you Brian! I hope the worldchampionship is one of them!
  20. I am looking for a video/dvd of the 1981 Longtrack Worldchampionship in Baarlo. Is there anyone who can help? Maarten
  21. Think the point from Colin about the different tracks is one of the most importants. Baarlo (long and short track) and also Gendt (Gannita Circuit) where longer than the british ones. Nowadays they drive at Venray wich is smaller, but still large if you compare it with the UK tracks. My dad really liked the racing in the UK because he needed less horsepower there and there was more action (and more damage, thanks to Frankie senior, we could repair the car between 2 weekends at his place, in the beautifull landscape of Silsden). Another thing that could make a difference between the Dutch and UK drivers in the '88 WF at Hednesford was the fuel. The engine in our '88 car was made and setup for special fuel, when arrived at hednesford my dad was told he could only use normal/regular fuel on which the engine didn`t go as it should be. By the way, this was the first year he had a really fast engine in the car, unfortunately he had to retire just before the '88 Longtrack championship at Baarlo where he was on pole... Back to last weekend in Northampton, the racing there was great!!!
  22. Maarten

    Dave Schaap

    I also heard the sea was quite rough at friday, we did the crossing on Saturday morning (arrived in Dover at 7:00) without any problems, only my girlfriend was a bit dizzy... (I always tell her to have a good english breakfast on the ferry, but she doesn`t...) Dave did a really good job on Saturday with the second place in WF and the Sunday was even better for him! Afterwards we had some beers with Dave, Ron Kroonder and Leon Cox (ex H.17)... Great weekend it was!!!
  23. Maarten

    Peit Keitzer

    Condolences to Piet`s family, mecanics and friends...
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