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  1. Looking on the Buxton website there's a poor showing of F2's as well. I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be going to this one
  2. vaux

    Camper Vans at WF

    Excellent thank you Jeremy. I think I'll be able to walk 300m after the Friday night Overseas meeting 😃😃
  3. vaux

    Camper Vans at WF

    Just looking for information regarding Camper Vans / Motorhomes at the WF. Firstly are they allowed? If so where? And is there a cost? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi One & All, A few weeks ago I started a thread with regards to a Stockcar Photography/ Picture exhibition, it was a bit of a long shot and got some replies and a number of private messages. The idea has developed slightly, and improved, making it easier to do. The idea is now to run a photography/ picture competition for viewing at the BOSS social later this year. The competition is open to anyone and everyone who has or takes pictures of F1 Stockcars. All pictures will be required to be in a digital format so that a slideshow can be run from a laptop connected to a screen. No picture will be printed or otherwise used for anything other than this competition unless the permission of the owner is given. Any picture will be accepted and placed into a category, these have yet to be decided but will be along the lines of Action, Static, Bygone era............you get my drift. There will be a winner from each category with an overall winner being chosen. The winner will be decided by those attending the social with a prize (yet to be confirmed) be awarded. I'm sure there's something I've forgotten but if you're interested drop me a pm Thanks Darren
  5. Maybe not but one idea, clear direction and a good business plan as opposed to several different businesses running things differently at each venue for their own good, I know which one I'd prefer
  6. Good Idea Ozzy, I'll email them, and others, see what develops. If there are any of the "pro" photographers out there reading this please feel free to comment, I believe this would be a great little event
  7. I recently went to a photography exhibition in Edinburgh, David Bailey, all very highbrow stuff, however it got me thinking about Stockcar photography Now we all love a good photograph of a stockcar at full pelt or an action packed sequence, or just a well presented car, and there are some excellent professional and amateur photographers out there. The nucleus of an idea is to have an exhibition, perhaps at a track, during the off season, of photographs taken that year, different categories with perhaps an overall winner. Its just an idea, thoughts?
  8. vaux

    Race recievers

    A really interesting thread. The question of Race Receivers really should be investigated and thoroughly explored by the powers that be. Being ex military and having worked in some very noisy environments (an engine room at sea is way louder than a V8 at full chat), the comms we used had just had to work for many different reasons not least health and safety. Granted the systems we used were expensive but I am sure that such systems could be modified to work effectively when F1's are racing. Cost will be a major factor I guess and I can understand that but if it improves racing, reduces risk then I for one would be willing to accept that.
  9. vaux


    Well I care not a jot what people think or say about Sheffield, I like it. I've paid my money, and extra to go into the restaurant with my good lady. Here's hoping its a good meeting
  10. Firstly hats off to Brisca for getting the fixture list out nice and early, in the past "we" have complained about lack of fixture list, so well done there. Secondly, I agree with the comments re the World Masters, a non meeting for me, went once wouldn't go again. If there is to be a meeting it should be the day after the WF at the same track. Thirdly, the fixture list only goes to highlight the "closed shop" "buying fixtures" of brisca. I for one still believe some thought should be given to spreading the wings of F1 Stockcar racing (note lack of Brisca) and getting a major title to Holland.......ooooh I know .......let's have the European there??? Hollands in Europe right?!?!?.......oh hang on, can't do that it's been bought by Northampton......closed shop
  11. Life in a blue suit Jack :-) Calm seas and fair winds Bing
  12. A very interesting thread, and not at all unhelpful. I applaud Chunder for approaching the two shale tracks and asking some fairly sensible and straight forward questions, the answers have obviously rattled the Brisca cage somewhat. I do however also recognise the position of Brisca, they are a group of promoters that guard their F1 crown jewels rightly, they are business's that require profit to remain viable, I guess we all understand that. As a fan however my sole concern is not who runs what stadia, what standards that stadia has to meet, how much is paid by whom to whoever, who has bought what dates (how do you buy a date??), my sole and overriding concern, and that of most including Chunder who went and asked some questions, is where do we go when Coventry shuts? JH has kindly pointed out that his promotion will continue to run there dates until such time as a replacement for Coventry can be found. Are these dates to be held at another brisca members facility? or spread between them? The tone of JH's replies suggests that a replacement could well be found, excellent, I do hope and pray that is the case. Mr Rees comments are, as normal, very informative and helpful, but telling us what has continually happened over 60 years of the sport isn't going to help the next 60 years nor is saying enjoy what we have whilst we have it, we do enjoy it, we care about it, that's why we post on here about it.................because we care. We the fans are not a business, we are not here for profit or to buy dates or spend huge sums of money on cars and transporters, we are here because we love this sport, like fans everywhere of any sport we will follow it because we love it and want it to continue, to grow, to expand so that others may see what a truly awesome spectacle stockcar racing is. All we want to know is that this sport, our sport, will exist for us to witness. But sometimes it seems that Brisca don't want to tell us whats going on and we get concerned
  13. vaux

    new tracks

    Mike Parker was offered a purpose built track by the local council on Lomeshaye industrial est when Nelson was compulsory purchased, he turned it down as he had enough tracks at the time. How we would welcome that track now. Nelson and the surrounding area still has space enough for a track I'm sure, no money to build one though
  14. Never said they owned a stadium, Promotion is the word I used. Didn't call for stadium improvements either. I agree with your comment regarding " one central figure" Perhaps the sport we know as Brisca isn't big enough but here's a thought (borrowed from Racing 393) what if ever oval track was under one banner? one promotion? running local and national formula, running leagues for instance. Surely something of that ilk would be of interest to someone.............ah but hang on its a closed shop isn't it............so no one would give up their own promotions would they............silly idea Not sure we should accept any reality Chunder...........if it aint right we have the right to speak out, sadly we may not have the financial clout to do anything but we have a voice, its oft ignored by Brisca.................whoever he or she is???
  15. Some very interesting reading and valid points, everyone has an opinion and that's what his forum is all about. Firstly I'd like to congratulate Jeremy for coming on here and telling us what the Coventry promotion do, and what Coventry promotion has done and continues to do, all very laudable and very worth while for Coventry promotion. I'm also sure that Steve Rees would say similar words, and I for one congratulate him for what he does for Belle Vue promotion. Sadly however, and I'm sure my blatant use of underlining and bold has indicated my thoughts. Each promotion is in this game we called Stockcars for its self, they are a single business who need to make a profit to survive, I get it, we all do. I'd even happily pay more entry fee to watch the sport I love. My point is that brisca is a closed shop of promoters, that's the reality of the situation. They each have a stadium, a local fan base, local formula, local issues and yet they also "promote" a national, although very specialised, motor sport. Brisca Formula 1 Stockcars, the clues in the title isn't it? They run the sport, however many committees, fan's forums etc etc there are stockcar racing will always be "brisca" a closed shop of promoters. The sport has to change at the top, we the fans will always be here, we will always complain, the drivers will always be here and race if they can. However my feelings are that a promoters life would be far simpler and a lot less hassle if Brisca Formula 1 Stockcar racing didn't exist, without them there is no racing and they know this. Would anyone of the promoters give up their World Final? Semi Final? British? in order to stage it somewhere else, Holland for example, in order to further enhance the sport nationally and globally? The answer is no, of course they wouldn't, why should they, all that revenue lost. I have long been of the opinion that we need one person in charge, one organisation to develop the sport. Sadly this will never happen , and so we will continue to lose stadia, have forums where we complain the same old complaints and the same old issues will arise until one day...............................
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