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  1. HOT NEWS 515 FRANKIE WAINMAN NOW BOOKED IN! for Sat 19th Still time to get your advanced tickets! On sale now till Midnight tonight Full details on www.skegway.info
  2. Booking list now available on www.skegway.info in the meeting preview for the 19th. Please remember this event is Advance Tickets and they are also available via the website. Please read all the info before ordering, thanks
  3. Booking list online shortly, currently mid 30s, advance tickets selling well so you are advised to buy now. tickets available on www.skegway.info Please read all the info before ordering it will help if you have all the required when you get to the turnstiles. Thanks Weather Forecast is looking good for the weekend! Thanks
  4. Please read all the info on the ticket page, it will help speed up your entry at the turnstiles, thanks https://shop.skegway.info/tickets
  5. Just as a note we still do car displays in Skegness over 20 times a year. Mainly at the Hildreds Shopping Centre in town plus various other locations.
  6. Skegness Semi is Saturday 1st Aug not the 2nd.
  7. Just working on booking and currently 56 F1 Booked for the weekend, full list online prob Wednesday if not before. 49 Minis booked for the Saturday and 38 Saloons currently booked for the Sunday. Lists for all formulas racing over the weekend will go on the Skegness website www.skegway.iinfo Special full colour programme being produced. Thanks Paul
  8. The Saturday Adult Price has been £20 since 2017, The Sunday increase happen last year. 2019 Speed Weekend prices are the same as 2018. Off topic I know but open the info helps
  9. This topic seems to have hit new lows! To answer some of the questions here and a couple of others Yes, no chairs this has been on the website for the last 9 months we haven’t just decided this. We understand it will affect some people. But as in 2012 operational procedure dictates what we do over the weekend as in 2012. The grandstand is a loss maker and won’t make the business anymore we have put it there to benefit our customers that may require a seat. Food and drink, policy is on the website, again it won’t please everyone. We have more bar staff booked for the weekend. The toilets are brand new and always spotless at the start of each meeting and checked during the meeting. UK in July some nice person was stealing the toilet rolls in face 13 rolls from the new toilets under the bar. So if you see someone leave with a roll under their arm please let us know! Extra toilets are also booked for the weekend. Why did the advance tickets (inc grandstand seats) end on the 18th July, very simple our core business is the summer and we need to put 110% effort into that. Advance Tickets were on sale for 7 months. It is now all pay at the gate and grandstand tickets can be bought in the Trackshop. Yes you can buy Saturday tickets on the Friday night. Prices have also been advertised for the last 9 months and the on the day prices are cheaper than last year. The BriSCA F1 World Championship is the most expensive race to stage. Overall the spend before the 15th sept is well over 100k. Not including the many hours spent administrating it. Let look to the Positive stuff! BriSCA F1 racing is top drawer, the last World Final was some say the best every! 2L Saloons are the support we have planned a full afternoon of events including the first every BriSCA F1 Championship of the World Grid Walk with free posters that all drivers can sign. And lots of fireworks on and off the track. All the info is on the website, no need to ask. More updates (inc Booking lists) to follow in the lead up to next weekend. www.skegway.info Its going to be a busy weekend but a great week. So lets be positive and have a good weekend, sorry for those that can’t make it. Paul Brown Skegness Raceway
  10. To clear a couple of things up. Nigel Green booked in over the weekend. We had asked the BSCDA to hold all booking till after our busy Bank Holiday. Nigel’s booking was only confirmed this morning. He hasn’t jumped any queue and got a place before any driver. The new Skegness website www.skegway.info is as up today as it can be and the booking list has been updated 3 times today and the details twice. Lets look forward to what is the first Speed Weekend of the year at the place to race. It’s the SKEGWAY!! Thanks Paul
  11. NEWSFLASH 9th May 10am World Champion Nigel Green has just booked in for the weekend. The weekend also marking the opening of the new raceview bar so make sure you pop in for a pint! Also the info for the weekend is on the website www.skegway.info which is updated when we have new info, World Final tickets will be available in the trackshop. times to be listed soon. Skegness Raceway ..............its the SKEGWAY!!
  12. Tickets will be available at all Skegness meetings, as to other tracks we may look at this once the season gets underway and inform via our website and social media channels. Thanks Paul
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