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    Not holding my breath, how many times have we been here before? So hope it happens but like others have said, the RFL dont really want motorsport, and the houses practically next door to home straight stand that have been built recently. Would love to be proved wrong but sadly I think its dead.
  2. Coventry 1983. I was only 7 at the time so dont remember much of the meeting. Was there a knights jousting contest as part of the pre meeting entertainment?
  3. V2 While Wainman builds a new car by night To try and be the sports top star He hears a choir sing a song, its fanfare for the common man
  4. Went to Belle Vue with my Dad 1984-1985. Dont have too many memories as I was only 7 when we started going. Two things that register with me the most is the first time I saw 74 Neil Pokorny, that colour scheme really stood out from the rest, and the rolling lap music being Eye Level by Simon Park Orchestra.
  5. reduce or get rid of start money and prize money and then there would be no need for the pay to race formulasf1 drivers now getting less money so costs have gone up could mean less f1s racing fans annoyed by lower car turnouts f1 drivers annoyed by extra cost pay to race drivers annoyed by less meetings promoters have reduced costs but possibly also reduced takings and they've annoyed practically everybody I obviously havent explained what I meant properly, Im happy to watch to pay to race formulas at a meeting. What I meant was if Im at an oval and there are no F1 Stock Cars there, then Im at a Speedway meeting. I dont go to non F1 meetings. All the promoter has to do is get their finger out and stop faffing around. Said it a few times before, Ive brought loads of newcomers to the sport over the years and theyve all had the same feedback; Racing was great, but far too much standing about with nothing happening Next year will be my 42nd season of watching F1s, Im saddened that what has gone from being my absolute favourite thing in the world has now become something I can only be bothered with once or twice a year, and its all down to meetings dragging on and on and on for no need.
  6. I seem to recall Peter Falding being locked out of a race at Odsal one time. Time to bring it back. Should also do away with all the pomp and ceremony like driver parades before a big race, just get on with it.
  7. I agree fully with the faffing around comments, its why I now only do one or two meetings per year. As Rod said, take Buxton for example. For me to attend Buxton its 1hr 45mins travelling each way, which isnt an issue, but you have to get there early to get a good viewing spot and the meeting drags on and on and on. Its 10 hours plus from me leaving home to getting back home. Im only interested in F1s, Ive no interest in support formulas, and 10 hours out of my day is not worth it for just 25-30 minutes of watching 5 F1 races. More frustrating its usually the F1s doing the faffing about. Id like to see promoters introduce a rule like in Speedway where a siren sounds, you have a set time to be on the track and if youre not, tough, the pit gate closes on time regardless.
  8. There was a brief preview of this at the Monaco GP (best bit of that entire broadcast) Martin Brundle said the full feature will be part of the build up to the British GP.
  9. Just 12 for me. Well 13 if you include having a go in the 2 seater at Birmingham. Pretty poor to say this my 41st season of spectating.
  10. All the best Stuart, your health and family have to come first. BriSCA F1 will be all the poorer without you.
  11. Cant see it ever happening Nigel. The piece about Tony Mole is almost 6 years old. He was set to bring Speedway back to Odsal in 2014, but it fell through at the last minute. Basically the RFL hold the lease for Odsal Stadium and wont allow it to be used for Speedway and/or Stock Car racing. Heres the article from the local Telegraph & Argus newspaper: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/10766017.amp/
  12. Dont forget the Speedway! 👍🏻
  13. RR: 7 Fast as always, bit processional towards the end of races. DotD: 84, in a class of his own. Untouchable in his heat and final. Nice of him to give his heat winners trophy to a kid in the crowd too. Notable mention to Liam Gilbank for leading the whites & yellows race and heat 1 for as long he did.
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    2019 Fixture list

    Golf course one side, M5 the other. Unless the local golfers have a bit of fun & games with buggys! 😆
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