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  1. Vince

    Race start's

    If the race starts when you pass the start and finish line, you would have no issues with jump starts, currently the grades are all over the whites by the first corner, the reds are up to full speed before the started drops the flag, so in theory they have already jumped the start. no radio is going to stop that because as soon as the car in front moves everyone follows, if was made it you cannot overtake until you have passed the starter, problem solved those that do remove them from the results. simple problem solved.
  2. Vince

    Race start's

    The race starts the same place it finishes, The start and finish line, cannot be any other part of the track, your race has not started until you have crossed the start line, that is where your transponders pick up from, or have I got it wrong.
  3. Vince


    Traction control only works when you have al the other ingredients ie tires shocks, F1 would remove traction control if they could police it, they admit they cannot, world of outlaws now mandate the ignition system cars can be fitted with, officials at any point can check for adjustability, from a drivers prospective all he has got is an adjustable ignition which is within the rules, don't say you cannot adjust it, it is more a case of why is he using adjustable ignition , only when you have answered that question can you determine is adjustabilety to enhanced grip.. so potentially any driver could have it fitted and be completely within the rules. so no need to name and shame it is not illegal to have adjustable ignition, read the rules.
  4. Vince


    Paul just check out "nascar traction control" loads of firms out there that will alter your msd unit, the yeti has arrived, makes a massive difference if you can keep the pedal to the metal the red box will do the rest.
  5. Vince


    hi Nigel, its called engine mapping, that's how you control wheel spin, or traction control as some call it, what it means you can drive pedal to the metal, the red box takes care of the rest, msd have been doing it for years they will even tailor it to individual tracks if you give them the info , they banned in the nascar and the WOO 5 years ago, they use to have spotters looking and listening for any signs of TC, now they can just plug into the system in each car to ensure no data loggers are attached, this stuff is so small it can be concealed in the wiring loom, that is why Mclaren F1 make all the wiring looms for nascar, woo have a mag with a box they can swap at any time to check.
  6. On behalf of everyone a big thank you to Paul for his handling of a very difficult interview.
  7. Vince

    Race recievers

    every formula that races at the Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex uses them it is a safety requirement , for the sprint cars you need to purchase a moulded set, then you can hear no problem , what you cannot do is have a full-blown conversation with them , words like red, yellow, green are clearly audible whilst the race is in full swing that is all that is required, when the race director has the cars under control he can talk to individual drivers,
  8. Vince

    Mark gilbanks actions

    hi everyone you may all have forgotten a simple rule in racing, the race is not over until the reds come out, so when a driver can pass the chequers he must keep racing until the reds come out otherwise he can be penalised as some cars may be a lap down, ORCi rules.
  9. Crayford and Wolverhampton are former MPP tracks which are still running racing on four legs. Crayford Stadium was demolished some years past and a small dog track was built on a corner of the site, in any event those type of stadiums would not be allowed to exist today Wimbledon has part of one side that complies to HSE rules, hence as to why the rest is not open to the public, and that is a major factor to day with that type of construction, nearly all stadiums were built using asbestos and wood the amount of it used will determine if the stadium opens or closes, very often has nothing to do with housing or supermarket at the outset sometimes the only option is demolition for the owners. the future is purpose built tracks with no covered in grand stands, what you will have is open terraces and open grandstand, my advice is enjoy Coventry whilst it exists, as its replacement will look nothing like what you have today, remember you come to watch racing not examine the promoters views(he to has good days and bad days) try not to approach him on a bad day,it should be of little concern who promotes a venue so long as someone will, and those someone's are few and far between, hence as to why lots of venues remain closed, .
  10. think you are all missing the point, as with all proposed development of sporting venues (change of use) it is for the developer to make out his case to the planning authority that there is sufficient capacity locally to accommodate what will be lost by his proposed devolvement, that's the law, indeed the local authority can identify a site that may be suitable for such a replacement if it feels the development is the public interest, planning approval can be very narrow and objections are equally narrow, telling the local authority you do not like it, or the roads are not big enough are not sufficient reasons to object to a planning application, you should ask the local planning officer (one will be appointed to oversee the application) what are the grounds of objection, he will be obliged bylaw to provide you with that information, as every application is considered on its own merits, very often a developer will not have just one application up for consideration he may have several and very often it is a matter of give and take in so far as planning is concerned,obviously within the law, that's how developers do it.
  11. Vince

    Fuel cell update

    hey guys, you are forgetting one crucial thing, "maintenance" no matter how well the tank/bladder is constructed if you do not maintain it that's where the problems begin, most car fires are not manufacture related, as they are built for the purpose of holding fluid, when tank is full no issues, when half empty now you have a problem in a contact formula, it could be you have in a 4 gallon tank two gallons still in it, traveling at 70 mph to zero in a split second, where will the fluids go ?, what effect will the shock wave have on the tank when the car is hit, as was stated earlier everything has a shelf life, including steel tanks, because if you leave them empty over the winter the tank will rust from the inside out, and very difficult to spot, the decision of which way to go will not be an easy one. most bladders are not constructed for petrol, to give you an idea of the costs of a petrol one, the ones fitted to sprint cars, 27 Gallons are about $1600 - $2000 that will include the outer shell then you have to get it here that's when the dollar becomes the same as sterling, you pays your money you make your choices,
  12. Vince

    Still smiling!

    well stated Nigel when you look at some teams they have 10 people giving a hand, when you have to do it all yourself it takes time which you have not got, Nigel you are doing a great job , just keep enjoying it , they ones who have all the advice on what you should and should not do, could always roll up the sleeves and give a hand on race day, now there's a thought, Cheers
  13. Vince

    Still smiling!

    hi Nigel, still check the flywheel put a dial guage on it and turn the engine over that will give you a clue, because if you use the correct spigot bush in the crank the bell housing can be loose and would not be the problem you need to think that one through, the old trick to align everything up was to loosen the bellhousing bolts start the engine and retighten, if you have difficulty getting the bellhousing to align itself then either suspect the front or the rear of the bellhousing may be out of alignment , it can happen, anyway good luck regards Vince
  14. what you are looking for is spread ports might have a sprint car set in store let me know cheers Vince
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