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  1. Nigel and Lundy sharing the same roof colour?!?!
  2. I doubt 330 will be impressed with 318 after he pulled out in front of him whilst first in heat 1.
  3. Gutted I can't be there. Who did he hit?
  4. Nick C

    New John Lund car

    Not sure about the aerofoil. Looks very heavy!
  5. DOTD- 464 Was great to see Rob Speak back but Luke looked a bit quicker. A red top must be due to return soon. Speak will get quicker as the setup improves. Was good to see both Andy and Cecil together again in the pits. Both 515 and 16 have work to do to get on the pace. Looked way off it last night. R/R - 7 Low car number turn out coupled with a high % of mid-evening retirements reduces the score. G/N was a roundy-roundy let down.
  6. Nick C

    siver roof

    I can't see how the championships/roofs will be awarded to other drivers. Surely no grounds for such a move...
  7. Have we had an official statement from Team harris?
  8. "Why Andy Smith needs to come out of retirement"?? Count me in!
  9. Seems an odd decision by the promoter...
  10. Why would Scunthorpe not want to be orci? Is it expensive? It seems an odd move to bring the F1's there a few years ago knowing orci would be required for a regular slot then not bother...
  11. Nick C

    World Finals

    I rate Tom Harris also.
  12. Nick C

    premiersport tv

    I'll keep subscribing if Natalie keeps doing the interviews
  13. RR 9/10 Great F1 action. The evening felt a bit of a struggle to keep different formulae going. Did well considering but I won't be gutted if we drop a support in future. DOD 307 Perhaps an unusual choice but it was nice to see Tim back in action and some great race technique in an old car with an engine sounding a little rough. The final was an incredible race where I had little idea who was winning for a lap or so. Full on racing at incredible speeds. 22 very unlucky to get yellows when comfortably in front.
  14. When is #84 due to decide which track he wants to race?
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