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    BriSCA (obviously!), motorsport, classic cars & cats!
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    Spectator...maybe one day a racer! : )
  1. Sally L

    Henry Hunter

    There's also a Q&A session with Henry in the August BSCDA newsletter which should be landing on doormats/Inboxes in the next day or so!
  2. Sally L

    504 Matt Everard

    He also raced 1300s too & yes to the ex MR car because we spoke to him today. : ) Ps. He's planning on doing both shale & tarmac with it.
  3. Sally L

    BillyTom New Car

    Made up re "the winner on the front of the wing, either way I will put sideways sally on it just for you sally"....thank you!!! : ))
  4. Sally L

    BillyTom New Car

    If it doesn't win I'd just be over the moon to see it somewhere else on the car anyway! How about having the ones that don't get chosen written in smaller text on, say, the roof?! 8 )
  5. Sally L

    BillyTom New Car

    Would love it if "Sideways Sally" did eventually win though....obviously!!! ; )
  6. Sally L

    BillyTom New Car

    BriSCA's premier lady? Ha, ha....not sure about that but thank you all the same!! : ))
  7. Sally L

    BillyTom New Car

    I liked "Sideways Sally".....for obvious reasons!!! : ))
  8. Don't forget that BriSCA F1 appears on Premier Sports TV & all the action from King's Lynn will be shown on May 5th. Other dates/venues are as follows : http://www.premiersports.tv/motorsport/brisca-f!/
  9. Thanks for all the kind comments guys & I love your video too RM (especially the sound as they hit the barrier)!!!
  10. We weren't at Brum yesterday so can't compare the two meetings but we really enjoyed today so well done to everyone who gave us great entertainment!!
  11. Dotd - 51 - Dylan was on fire today! RR - 9 - The Stoxkarts put on a great display, the F2 Heritage cars were extremely entertaining, the F2s were lively (just needed a few more of them) & the F1s fast & furious.
  12. R/R - 10 : hours & hours of fantastic racing from all 3 formulas, an awesome & very memorable meeting! Coming on the back of the WF this was the icing on the cake. The best KL we've ever experienced. Roll on the WF next year!! Dotd - 150 : he often gets my vote because he gives the crowd what they want & last night was no exception!
  13. RR - 9 (top racing from all the formulas, especially the F1s & a very well kept track, well done to everyone at Coventry!) Dotd - 318 (his first final F1 win at Coventry & a top trophy to boot, well done Speaky!)
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