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  1. Donation made 👍🏁
  2. As Scott R has kindly mentioned in an earlier post, I have compiled and kept updated a list of the Most Successful F1 Drivers that now spans 1954-2019. I have used Final wins along with success in what I consider to be the five stock car Major Championships: World, British, European, National Series (the annual shoot-out) and the All Season National Grading Points. Also included were four other significant Championships : UK Open, BriSCA Supreme, Grand National and the Trust Fund and The World Championship Semi-Final results were a further addition. No set of statistics is perfect, especially when attempting to compare different eras of the sport, but, overall, if a fair and constant measure is applied a reasonably accurate result will emerge. The list posted by Scott of the top 20 most successful drivers up to the end of 2018 is still accurate to the end of last season except that Tom Harris has gone ahead of Mat Newson. My statistics cover the most successful 100 drivers and beyond, if this helps in the final analysis.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed that Nigel, thanks. I went to the Superstock Teams in 2014 and it brought back some great memories.
  4. Found this reference to a Dick Berggren article on the Indiana Openwheel site. Could this be the one you mean, Colin, http://www.indianaopenwheel.com/showthread.php?t=6332&styleid=1
  5. ​My website, 'Making Stox History', has been established for 10 years but, with dwindling visitor numbers and Facebook becoming the more popular social media platform, I have decided to close it when it comes up for renewal in February . I want to thank all those fans of the sport who took the time to visit and contact my site with so many encouraging messages over the years, it certainly kept me motivated and inspired to keep it as fresh and interesting as possible. I'm particularly grateful to the drivers and members of their racing teams who went to the trouble of endorsing driver profiles on the site. The purpose of my website was to pay tribute to this amazing sport of ours and revive memories using my scratch-built models to illustrate the proud heritage. It has been hard work but I hope that I have been able to achieve this aim with fans of all ages and in so doing give something back to a sport that has been an important part of my life for almost 50 years. The website has given me the opportunity of providing some driver sponsorship as well as supporting events at the Midland Slotstox Racing Association. I have also been delighted to encourage entrepreneurial younger fans like Eddie Collins with his lego stock cars and Matthew Hutchison with his Stox Signs venture as well as help to publicise the Ed Creations die cast model stock car business of Eddie and Mark Cooper. Building F1 stock car models has been a passion of mine for nearly 40 years and my website helped take my collection to a much wider audience. I was very pleased to learn that the models helped to inspire Tom Poynton's model making and he now has a thriving business building outstanding models for ever eager customers. In 2004, at the formal dinner celebrating F1 Stock Racing's Golden Jubilee, it was a great honour to be invited to display some of my models along with fellow model maker, John Nunn. For me, John is probably the best builder of stock car models ever along with Dean Tressler and interestingly all three of us still paint and sign write our models by hand - although only John and Dean sell their models. My website also encouraged me to publish several books about the sport, my favourites being 'Celebrating F1 Stock Car Racing's Diamond Jubilee 1954-2014' and 'F1 Stock Car World Championship' and I'm grateful to everyone who purchased copies. Once again, thank you for all your interest and support over the last 10 years. I still hope to contribute to existing stock car Facebook sites and I may well set up a page featuring the heritage of the sport and memorabilia items collected over many years. Best wishes Colin Moss
  6. The 248 Global Challenge for the Superstocks takes place at Palmerston North on the weekend of the 16th/17th February, if that's any help.
  7. A free copy of the 2018 Making Stox History calendar, that is not on general sale, is available. The theme is F1 stock car publications and there is a picture on the website on the My Publications page. If you are interested please go to my website at www.mossmodels.co.uk and scroll down to the contact form on the left hand side. Send your name and email address together with a brief comment about the website e.g. did you know about it? do you visit it often? is the content of interest? what is your overall view? All those who respond by Thursday 9th November will be entered into a random draw and I will contact the winner to obtain an address to send the Calendar post free. Thank you in anticipation of your interest and assistance. Your responses will help me to decide whether or not to continue with the website (now 10 years old) beyond the domain renewal date in February 2018. A Facebook page would be easier and cheaper to maintain but contain nothing like the amount of info on the website that can be accessed time after time. What do you think?
  8. Stox Extras page updated with a feature on the 396 to 391 to 252 car that changed hands in 1972/1973 and went on to win three successive World Finals for 252 Dave Chisholm. Link below: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/page7.htm
  9. A profile on 150 Mick Sworder has been added to the Driver Profiles 1 page on my website. Link below: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/page24.htm
  10. Coventry Stadium page updated ahead of the 2016 World Final at this iconic venue. Link below: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/page30.htm
  11. A profile of 16 Mat Newson has been added to the Driver Profiles 1 page. Link below: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/page24.htm
  12. I met Brian's son, Simon Wallace, and details are included in my tribute to his Dad on my website. Link below: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/page15.htm
  13. The great result by the GB Lions at the Superstock Teams Championship in New Zealand has been celebrated with a 1:60 scale scratch-built model of the team cars in a display box containing details of the results, drivers and sponsors. You can see pictures on this link: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/page31.htm
  14. Thanks for the detailed information, Michael. It is much appreciated by all of us in the UK following the events in NZ. Hopefully you will be able to post the actual results as they come through. Keep up the good work.
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