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  1. PhilipS


    A massive blow for Steve, especally on top of the uncertainty at Bell Vue. Stoke had become a solid part of the Oval fixtues, it may only have had 2 F1 dates but it's been a regular vanue for many other fomula.It will be missed. My heartfelt commeriserations to Startrax - I hope you are able to find alternatives to allow the promotion to remain viable.
  2. In fairness to Steve, he has tidied up all three venues - Belle Vue, Sheffield and Stoke - on more than one occasion but it's a losing battle when stadium owners and other users treat them as storage or dumping grounds. Belle Vue in particular suffers whenever the fair ground passes through.
  3. The only major road on the Marathon route is the A625 to the south west of the city. This will effect some people living in south west Sheffield and fans travelling in from the some parts of the Peak district but the parallel A621 remains open. The route crosses the inner ring road which may prevent vehicles using this road in the clockwise direction from the south part of the A61 and from the A621 but it should be unaffected in the anti-clockwise direction same as you will if coming from the M1 via the Sheffield Parkway.
  4. PhilipS

    Brands Hatch 1969

    My lad has found this on Youtube. Not the same year but it's good footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26po-Z7xT5k
  5. Only 24 hours left now to submit objections. Please use the links posted by Carl on the first page of this thread to let Manchester city Council know what you think.
  6. A really worrying sequence of events for Stuart and family, its a relief to hear that he's on the mend. Agree with you Billy H, with stock cars being such a small community when something like this happens we all feel concerned, our drivers aren't just distant media figures to us but people we see every weekend.
  7. PhilipS

    Loaded up

    Isn't there another rule about the gap between the back of the tyre and the chassis rail? That must restrict the range of possible back depths for any given axle length.
  8. PhilipS


    northampton_shaleway_001.jpg Thanks Carl
  9. PhilipS


    Any chance someone could post a picture that isn't linked to Facebook? I'm in China right now and Facebook content doesn't make it through the Great Firewall. To me Carl's post is blank
  10. Doesn't look like the stuff that tracks are made of. Is it mixed with something else? Why would you buy it now and store it all through the winter rain and frost when it isn't needed until July? That doesn't make sense to me.
  11. Hi Jordan, Try not to use the same word in a sentence twice, even where this is someone's name. For example "Ryan continued to put the pressure on Smith but Smith remained resilient." the sentence "Ryan continued to put the pressure on but Smith remained resilient." says exactly the same but without the redundancy. You might also want to consider what audience you are writing for. I realise that in this case you have written for stoxnet so we know the significance of "The Tom Harris car" but a more general motorsport audience will be wondering why that is relevant and who is Tom Harris? Also we all know that "yellow flags" mean a race suspension but a follower of circuit racing will wonder why a simple yellow flag has led to a restart. Like others have said break it up a bit with shorter paragraphs. A solid block of text is off putting and reading it makes you mentally breathless. My last point is to consider the word count. If you get a commission from a publisher whether it be print or internet you will be given a tight word limit and anything over it will end up in the bin. Avoid repeating as this is a waste of words and a good way to cut the count in a report like this is to only use someone's full name the first time you refer to them after that shorten it to just the surname or, in cases where this might be confusing, the forename but be consistent don't flip between the two.
  12. PhilipS

    Stox on tv

    You should have the option to add non-freesat channels. It is normally from the settings menu. If you still can't find it don't worry, Freesports have confirmed that the channel will be added to the Freesat epg on the 12th September.
  13. PhilipS

    Stox on tv

    Nick - you need to go into the settings menu, then to the tuning menu and select manual scan. One you have that you can sellect the frequency to scan. Thats where you enter the 11426..... it will then scan all the free to air channels on that frequency and ask if you want to save them.
  14. PhilipS

    Stox on tv

    Bryan - Try a manual tune if you know how to on your box. On SKY and Freesat its on 11426 V 27500 5/6. You won't get an epg or channel number but you will be able to watch. I've added it to my Freesat system in the same way as it hasn't been added to the programme guides yet.
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