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    So if we did away with start money and prize fund who gets the money ? Promoters,not much investment gone into tracks as I can see apart from Kings Lynn and Skegness. The reason the other tracks don't invest is they only rent the stadium,so if start money stopped do you really think they will be an increase in facilities,I think not. The start money and prize fund encourages drivers to travel,if the better off don't need the money then donate to drivers fund.
  2. PaulF

    Our Nige Model

    Very clever workmanship.
  3. PaulF


    Yeah read that too....
  4. PaulF


    From what I read it's owned by Ruth Whorton, is that Nigels wife ? Along with the haulage business seems he has South Staffs property rentals too. Should have bought Coventry ha ha
  5. PaulF


    Just been watching salvage hunters on tv,sure it was Nigel Whorton at his country estate,Hawkesyard estate. He has done well for himself !!
  6. PaulF

    Belle Vue Memory

    Got to say those days where very special,the Vue was the place to be,huge crowds and a fantastic mix of cars. It all just came together with Stu Bamforth promoting and drivers such as Cronshaw, Stu Smith, Brian Wallace,Willie Harrison, Gordon Smith,John Hillam I could go on !! When the final came the lights went out in the stands and you knew every driver was going for the win. I remember we had been going stock cars a few months and went to the Vue on sat night,this driver came out who I had never seen, number 2 Willie Harrison,the crowd went wild,I think he must have been off and just come back. Won the final in a great race. Great memories exciting times.
  7. DOD 1 Tom Harris how did he keep that car going after all the hits ? Brilliant driver,brilliant car builder,and top sponsor. R/R. 8/10 track seemed rough to me,pits were dire ! Racing great !
  8. Think running one car is a nightmare,trying to run three would surely detract from Frankies racing. But it's his choice,can't think what else there is to win anyway.
  9. I like the driver interviews,just gives an insight into the way the race went. Arrived home at 3am but well worth the drive to see some top racing.
  10. PaulF

    Stuck on 13.

    Well done Nigel,you really look the business when your on the pace like last night.
  11. What a meeting,reminded me of the old Belle Vue and Bradford,edge of your seat stuff. Tom Harris just awesome and really fair,no burying low graders without any major gain. The perfect car,the perfect driver,and the perfect sponsor. But my driver of the day goes to 20 Liam Gilbank,what a drive,and mixed it with the superstars,so unlucky not to take the final. Mark Gilbank didn't do him any favours holding the pack back on the yellows,he doesn't need that help. So DOD 20 R/R 10/10 Best track by a country mile, 6 hour round trip but well worth it.
  12. PaulF

    Coventry Stadium

    So out of all those tracks listed,Coventry being one ! Which are suitable for F1 stock cars and say 60 transporters ? I think if planning refused the price of the site would come back into reality,but can just see it being left until it's a total eyesore,then plans passed.
  13. PaulF

    Coventry Stadium

    So if there are all these tracks available great !! Panic over.... I honestly thought the options were not there, perhaps tell Jeremy Heaver ?
  14. PaulF

    Coventry Stadium

    Where are these extra tracks ? Councils do seem able to build huge athletic tracks that attract little support. Coventry did seem to sell very cheap if there was any hope of planning ? There are no shortage of wealthy guys in stock cars if planning 're fused.
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