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  1. Looks set for an entertaining afternoon at Owlerton. It's brutal and unforgiving that's for sure. 30 odd cars will be more than adequate. Good luck to all concerned. Heading up from Cornwall for my first F1 dose of the season. That's pending the overnight road closures here in Kernow. Already packed my camera and got the burger money ready. Should be good!
  2. 95% of paying spectators are there for the F1's. The ideal support is F2's. The rest of the stuff is just pointless window dressing to justify the admission price. Sick of patronising hyped up opinions that some of the lesser formulas put on a good show? They're ok for Mums, Dads and their friends but I travel to watch F1 racing, not the endless list of formulas that plagued Buxton yesterday. For the money it was a farce. About time we got some F1, F2 only meetings back. The delays and boredom associated with the rest of the formulas is not worth the money and not worth my time! DoD ? Not enough racing to tell RR 2/10
  3. Hartlepool was a far better track than Ipswich will ever be. Proper stock car racing. Proper northern track. Proper poor car turn out. I saw a steward sprinkling shake and vac in the pits at Ipswich. What's wrong with you people?
  4. No disrespect intended but there is far too much Southern bias in Stock Car racing already. Keep your Ipswich if you like it so much but lets stick with this never-ending-trek just once a season. The future of Stock Cars rests in the Northern heartlands where the real passion and superstars reign. If there needs to be a replacement for cosy Coventry (which on occasion has been a tad wrapped up in its own hype) lets put some proper effort into getting the F1's back at the real 'numero uno' mecca of the sport, Bradford. There's also great potential for a flagship track at Goole where the local football team play. Massive gap between pitch and fully covered terracing. The club would be interested at the opportunity surely? Why does everything always have to be down south. Ipswich is way too far away for the main hard core fans of our sport.
  5. Reading the usual abusive arrogant comments made by some of the 'loads of money' members on here I feel a touch of reality is required. For a lot of people in Broken Britain, finding disposable income for a leisure pursuit is extremely difficult indeed. To condemn people for not splashing the cash is misguided and dare I say it, rather rude. In respect of what some stadiums and promotion teams offer, the upwardly increasing admission prices are placing our sport out of reach. This is magnified when you consider some very average tarmac action this season. People will stop going, especially when promoters breach the 20 quid threshold. For the sake of the sports future and also in consideration of what hard working people can sensibly afford I reckon the following admission charges should apply: Normal Meeting: £15 Adult, Child & Over 60's £6 Big Event Meeting: £18 Adult, Child & Over 60's £8 A child rate admission should be 16 and under.
  6. Spent a lot of hard earned cash to stand in a field near Northampton. Was it worth it? DD: Pace Car RR: 3/10 Glad to go home.
  7. Much lower crowds at Skegness over the previous weekend for what most people will agree was pretty tame racing for 'sadly' an extortionate admission fee at the turnstile. When you add this to the dull roundy roundy stuff we got at Birmingham and Hedno it doesn't inspire the travelling fan to venture out for more Tarmac huff and puff at Northampton and Ice Station Buxton this coming weekend. There are growing rumblings that old school stox folk are getting a tad fed up with some drivers holding back on Tarmac possibly due to the excessive technical specs of the cars, (and the obvious mega buck costs involved to repair any damage)? Could prove a make of break weekend for the black stuff this weekend? Especially if NIR goes pear shaped again and we get the usual poor turn out of cars up at High Edge. Fancy car specs are already keeping the Dutch racers away from the UK, can we not get back to racing basics and get some decent action on the tracks for a more economical price all round? We can only put up with so much before we start thinking about not bothering to make the effort (or shedding out those ever increasing amounts of cash to get in). Unless you're like some of the 'big-talkers' on here with plenty more money than sense (and insist on letting everybody know that fact). Be interesting to see how many fans turn up come Saturday and Sunday? As a Buxton regular this even includes myself I'm afraid.
  8. Uwdi Krugg

    Skeg UK Weekend

    There is a BRISCA WCQR down at Mildenhall Saturday night and it's only 15 quid in? Looks like Sunday's ridiculously steep £22 (for a plastic cup) is a bad case of greedy promoter syndrome?
  9. Uwdi Krugg

    Skeg UK Weekend

    £4 up North equals a Sell By Date Supermarket feast of Steak Pie, half a dozen Sausage Rolls and 2 dented cans of Continental Lager. Similar, extremely inferior produce at Stalag Skegness would set you back the original (inflated) 20 odd quid admission price? Home Counties stox fans always seem to gloss over promoters antics to extract extra cash for very little return entertainment wise. Like £4 is nothing? 4 pounds is still an amount of money that makes a difference up North, especially in respect of whether you can go along or have to sit at home.
  10. Uwdi Krugg

    Skeg UK Weekend

    I'm from up North so I need to say this. Its disgraceful charging an extra 4 quid just because its a made up silly trophy day on the Sunday. It means Northern folk (along with other people) have to hand over £4 extra for Sunday when you get less cars on the track than the Saturday night? That's rubbish in my book. Its not like they have proper toilet facilities either, do you think your extra 4 quid will go on bog roll, no, you're right, it wont. No wonder the Dutch aren't coming over. I am seriously thinking of not going?
  11. Seem to remember a snotty statement being made that there would be no more Stoke meetings? Got the impression it was a swipe-back response due to all the complaints about the toilet facilities? Perhaps the buy 1 get 1 free bog roll offer at Morrisons has brought about a re-think?
  12. Amidst the takeaway fodder of burgers, hot dogs and chips Stuart Smith Junior provided some welcome top turkey to give one and all a proper Sunday roasting. Sergeant Sworder was the only one to get a proper whiff of the gravy, he applied an admirable performance in a supporting role. Some reckon SSJ received some unfair praise for this show stealer special because he gridded ahead of the pistol poppers, he would have still burned em all off on this kind of form. Awesome! R.R 7/10 D.O.D 390
  13. Shame about the low turnout and respective no-shows, which included 2 shoot out drivers. 4 races for 16 quid is debatable value for money even in the best of circumstances, when one considers that only the final could be classed entertaining, people are bound to feel a little underwhelmed. At least I only had to suffer 2 support formulas, I've been to some long and drawn out meetings here where you lose the will to live. D.O.D: 1 Tom Harris R.R: 5/10
  14. I know from talking to customers at every Coventry that the greater majority of non posters think those that do post have lost the plot and some only post to be the voice of the public except they really represent one view. What a ridiculous, patronising, arrogant and insulting statement. Thank goodness for free speech and a sensibly run independant forum. A forum is an open platform for a cross section of opinions, or can some people not understand that?
  15. A couple of points have been made which I feel duty bound to respond to (for the good of F1 stock cars as an ongoing sport). 1. Lots of people seem to be moaning that whilst Northampton is their nearest local track they will not attend it? In this day and age we need to support all tracks to watch F1 stock cars, no matter what the circumstances. If you've got a gripe about a concern with the stadium, fine, tell em about it... but you should still go along and watch the action. I'm not the biggest fan of Belle Vue (my local track) but I still try and get there whenever it is practically possible to do so (bangers or no bangers in the schedule). 2. I realise a lot of people like watching Mini Stox but come on, to start spouting off that they should be the main headline attraction at Northampton with F1's simply a support formula is as daft as an April Fools wind up. This negativity and disrespect to the superb tarmac F1 specials on track (despite the slightly lower numbers) is fundamentally insulting. We certainly should NOT be pitting F1's against Mini Stox as who is the best etc.
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