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  1. s85

    Nigel Whalley's car

    the site is unavalible but this time machine allows you to revist websites on certain dates
  2. s85

    F1 Heritage?

    also while were at it when will the heritage site be updated
  3. is Dannys site merging with the new Wainman Racing site?
  4. which driver is it and also can you translate the article
  5. danm it if only you had the PS3 all well a good buy for anyone intrested only a limted amount came to this country so it rare
  6. with Venray having a long track now aswell as the short track is there any plans too run the F1s on it and bring back the LTWF or are F1s strictly short track?
  7. Ric is a White Top so it most likely car trouble like Carl said
  8. s85

    Miss Neachell

    even if they do that the pedals and sterring wheel may be too close as the seats are put in in a fixed point so cars are tailormade to the driver in a way
  9. s85

    Peter pan trophy

    FWJ John Lund Peter Faulding
  10. i wasn't there at the time but last may the throttle cable on the coach snapped coming back from skeggy speedweekend so in the end you had Ric driving with the steering wheel brakes and gearbox and then you had Sean sat on top of the engine controlling the throttle.... im glad i wasn't there that night
  11. matt just because nigels gear box was fixed dosn't mean there were not anything else to do it more than mechanics tyre pressures changing wheels etc and it seems to me your the one who wasting other peoples time you got a chance you didn't turn up if you get another one don't do the same
  12. s85

    WORLD FINAL 2011

    Agree with you beaks and Groover even if there was time to change the venue i can pretty much grantee the BSCDA would refuse a move
  13. s85


    the shhotout drivers are in there own grade as at skeggy last year it went Whites (gap) Yellows (gap) Blues (gap) Reds (gap) Superstars (the ones that can't be degraded) (gap) Shootout drivers
  14. no as far as i'm aware it's optional
  15. proberly most WF meeting tend to be uk heat dutch heat WF (heat 3) cons cons 2 final GN and sometimes GN 2
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