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  1. The tv company who currently film the racing are livestream specialists its a large part of their work. The question of livestreaming (mainly the world final) has been asked several times. And always meets the same response. Promoters are very protective of the revenue they earn and are hesitant to take the leap.
  2. fubar 768

    Stu Smith 390

    We did a nice interview with Stuart at the boxing which hopefully will be included in the first premier sports show.
  3. 247.tv will be back filming F1 for premier sport in 2019. The meetings to be filmed are 6/4 mildenhall 14/4 Sheffield 4/5 Birmingham 11,12/5 Skegness 9/6 Buxton 16/6 hednesford 22/6 Ipswich 27,28/7 Northampton 4/8 Sheffield 10/8 Buxton 26/8 belle Vue 31/8 king's Lynn 14/9 king's Lynn 15/9 Northampton 22/9 hednesford 6/10 Sheffield 12,13/10 Skegness 26/10 mildenhall 27/10 Northampton 2/11 Stoke 10/11 belle Vue The screening dates still need confirming from premier hopefully better this season but usually the week after the meeting unless it's a double weekend. Some dates may change we will try to keep you posted. Enjoy the 2019 season and if you see us at the tracks say hi
  4. Update coming tomorrow.
  5. Is everyone enjoying the shows so far?
  6. I thought you meant it was months behind on premier 😁 yes the Freesport's one is a long way behind but that was always going to be the case. On the plus side it passes some of the off season nicely.
  7. fubar 768

    Premier sport

    There are usually four of us working on the show myself and dan usually doing the slow mos (kings lynn was quite scary) hopefully there will still be a show to work on next season too. Bear with premier folks as theres no one else beating down the door to show it at the moment.
  8. fubar 768

    Premier sport

    Me too. But a message has been sent again.
  9. Unfortunately the tiny channel that hardly anyone subscribes to is the only channel that wants to show stock cars. Tv costs money and the "bigger" channels would want an awful lot more of it to show racing.
  10. To be honest dave goddard is the only commentator i have heard mention tv at the track
  11. fubar 768


    Thank you fraggleina. The slow mo camera was back at sheffield too and caught will hunters crash with phoebe and paul.
  12. Rr 7 Dotd close one as a few drivers were on it. 152 345 and 21 mostly. But had it not been for yellows one driver would be bringing a lot more points home. So my dotd is 345.
  13. fubar 768


    Unfortunately premier arent the best organised channel when it comes to scheduling. They are aware of this as i bombard them every time it happens and they are working to improve that But its worth noting they are also the ONLY station willing to show stock cars without wanting telephone numbers to show it. Enjoy what we have while we have it. On a personal note glad to read people are enjoying the interviews and footage etc that we do.
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