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In Topic: F1 Title Races, which reward with roof colours

Yesterday, 10:36 AM

Andy, rather than retype the information here, can I point you to the excellent site and mine of information that is the BriSCAF1stox site https://briscaf1stox...file=1&wid=1518

Almost all the info you are after is contained within.....go to Championship reports......beware though, this site is something of a black hole for your spare time......you can easily lose an hour or two when you go there!!


03 December 2018 - 11:42 PM

I'm so happy this has been resurrected, it was such a massive resource it was an absolute tragedy that it went. I fully understand what a massive commitment this site is to keep up to date and respect you decision to put less into it in the future Paul, but it was such a shame that the huge amount of work that has gone into it to get it to where it was, was essentially lost. Thank you for getting it back to those of us who can quite happily lose an hour or two getting lost in its facts.

In Topic: Stuart Smith Jnr And The Long Journey Ahead

03 December 2018 - 10:07 PM

Sadly, I kind of suspected that the injuries Stuart suffered would take some getting over. I hope that he is selling up for the short term and that he has one eye on the future, perhaps 2020.....but it would be perfectly understandable if he decided that the risks outweighed the rewards and concentrated on family and business. I really hope that Stuart makes a full and complete recovery in the fullness of time. Only he will know when and if it is time to return. I wish you all the best Champ.

In Topic: A bit of shameless self-promotion...

20 November 2018 - 11:15 PM

Shocked (NOT) to see BriSCA nominated in the "Best Marketing Campaign" and "Best Fan Engagement" catagories.......perhaps next year??

In Topic: Random World Final idea?

19 November 2018 - 07:00 PM


The first two meetings this year (KL and BV) were "Wild Card" meetings for the World Final, although off the top of my head I don't recall how it worked. Anyone remember? 

and still not convinced of the "consolation semi" is right either  - perhaps I'm just a bit old school these days :g:

It's been around for 30 years - how 'old school' are you? :chortle:
I quite like it myself, but the name is irritating - why's it called a semi-final? It isn't. This must be the only sport ever to have 3 semi-finals, and you only get into one of them if you fail in another. :doh:
That's because somewhere along the lines the words were put in the wrong order and it is now always referred to as the consolation semi.
It should actually be the semi final consolation as it is the consolation race for the semi finalists.


A bit like the word "NOT" being lost from the title National Points Champion when it is awarded for the Shootout. To me the winner is the Shootout Champion, not the National Points Champion...….though this year they would have been one and the same! I realise it's another argument, but it's one that bugs me.