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  1. Chris_107

    Wet Tarmac...

    I don't think you'd have any more of a level playing field, you'd just get drivers who excel in the wet conditions winning. The top drivers would deal with it better because they're, well, the top drivers. There's too much of an agenda at the minute that superstar driver A is where he is because he has more money than white grade driver A, there's yellow graders who spend a fortune and superstars who don't. They're where they are because they're better drivers, money doesn't buy talent.
  2. Graders discretion has been used for years, with drivers keeping red grade when their points say otherwise.
  3. I may be wrong but I heard tom was issued the pink ticket with 7 days to rectify the issues, surely that's permission to race as it is up until the 7 days? If so I don't see how it's fair to ban a driver for using illegal parts when he's been given permission to race on the premise he sorts it in the 7 days.
  4. There's only 2 things stopping you in my opinion Nigel, first one is confidence, but that will probably come with getting the car set up right for you which links in to the second thing. I've noticed over the years you've said this driver had said do this, another driver says we need to do that. Even if they're being honest with you what suits them might not suit you, you need to work out what works for you. It would be nice to see you with a red aerofoil.
  5. Chris_107

    Who wants Silver

    Problem with that is, say a driver does every meeting up to the last 10, he has an average of 33. It's looking highly unlikely he'll be caught.... What's stopping him loading up for the season? Not being pedantic just looking at the other side of the coin mate.
  6. Chris_107

    Who wants Silver

    Pretty certain all drivers can book in for all meetings if they wish to, so no problems there. As for people only winning the season long points because they do every meeting, biggest load of rubbish that's keeps being regurgitated. Tony Smith has never been points champion? FWJ won it by something like 700 points, scoring 1600 or something, an end of season average of 35. He could have done 70% of the meetings and still won it. Anyway, Tom Harris should have it for winning the proper nationally points.
  7. I must be in the "like Tarmac" section, it's fast, you have to be more clinical and hardly put a foot wrong and there's more bumper to bumper contact. I've come away from Coventry where the meetings been awful, the final was a procession (191's win, no fault of his own) and thinking that was dire yet there's still people giving it a 9/10 and saying how amazing it was.
  8. Ryan Harrison did put his in a wind tunnel, and still uses one. So it must have read something that made it worth keeping on.
  9. Course it will be obeyed, just like when Stu Smith Jnr couldn't race his semi final because of a stand dow.... Oh, hang on.
  10. Thing is Dave, I couldn't make Sheffield due to work.... I can however make Buxton which is good for me! Had they both been at Sheffield I wouldn't have seen one semi final, at least this way I'm seeing one.... And luckily enough the one Lee has drawn.
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