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  1. I am from North Leicester and use that part of the M1 to get home, the route above is ok for cars and vans, not for lorries, trucks, vans with trailers or buses, I strongly recommend the you go up the A563 to the A50 (Glenfield Hospital roundabout), turn left and the follow the A50 to M1J22. it might be abit longer in miles but saves messing about in the centre of Glenfield itself I would post a link/picture but it don't want to post a link up for some reason. if someone could do this it would great Thanks
  2. Micky Finnikin races aswell, was in ORCi minis, sure he now races 1300cc saloons (might be wrong)
  3. If nothing was agreed at the AGM to run a controlled shocker (ie: a vote) then there is NO rule in shockers being controlled juat that monotube and the other one that I have forgotten are banned, therefore in my eyes you can still run the shockers you were on last year as long as they are not banned (monotube etc)
  4. Am I correct in thinking that the shocker that #154 was using used this monotube to which he got banned for?? If no vote was taken at the last AGM then the use of monotube can not used used. Please shoot me down if this is not correct or something isnt right. All I can work out is that The monotube is banned and it cant used as no vote at the AGM was taken to instate them and lift the ban on monotube shockers, so in my eyes Protech etc etc shockers can still be used in 2014.
  5. Yes I help a f1 team but from what I have heard it seems that everything has a plus and a negative, nothing will be 100% positive. Why try and make people spend 100+ pounds on new parts for nothing. We already have a shocker that 'CAN' be sealed if wanted to be instead of running a brand new controlled shocker. All I can see this doing is driving racers away from the sport and then the management board will be complaining that f1s will have 15 to 20 car meetings. Think of all the new f1 racers that are moving across from other sports.Tyres, shockers. What is next Carbs? Gearboxs? Axles? Slowly killing the sport. This is BRISCA F1 not FIA-F1.
  6. radduz335


    Laurie Hooton's funeral details, 2pm, Thursday 5th July it is at 'All Saints Church - Sawley'
  7. radduz335


    Sorry to inform you all of the passing of Laurie Hooton (Ex180 from the 60s and 70s) after a illness. Rip Laurie. Thoughts with his family and friends at this sad time.
  8. I don’t normally post on threads here on Stoxnet but I do have to say that that is excellent from Paul Harrison, lets hope that the gearbox and the clutch don’t learn how to whistle back to you Nigel or you will be running around the pits for them. cheers.
  9. Nigel, you are welcome anytime you would like to come along, loads of meetings left in the season. have a look at the fixtures page on the Website. http://www.midlandslotstox.co.uk/ also new members are welcome to join us at a meeting, spare cars are avalible to use an a chance to get your hands on some silverware in the final., like above please look at the website, also on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Midland-Slotstox-Racing-Association/198819576847855 another car that races - happens to be mine. thanks Chris
  10. why not try the MSRA 'Midland Slotstox racing Association'. come and race your own small stock cars. season started last night so plenty of time to become a Star racer. http://www.midlandslotstox.co.uk/ More information is on the website above and pklease feel feel to ask questions Small charge to sign up to the club and then a small charge to race on the night/afternoon when you want to race, Someone will have a spare car for you to use and with abit of practice im sure you will love it. Thanks
  11. The MSRA is back again this year, have a look at the site here and please do come down and have a go, loads of cars that will be spare, and if your lucky a trophy to keep. All ages are welcome from 4months to 104years - everyone can have go at a small charge, Thanks Chris msra464
  12. try SCA as they do Buxton dvds as i have a few from them - think they will be about 20pound for the meeting dvd
  13. contact Dean Tresser, he does models. Dean is on stoxnet or look for someone 'stock car models by dean' on the back of a jacket thats him. cheers
  14. does anyone know what was on the backpanel on the car? or have a picture of it? Thanks Chris
  15. Hi, One nice looking car I must agree, has anyone got any pics of the Backpanel of that car by any chance?? Cheers Chris
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