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  1. For those wondering what slotstox is, here are a couple of videos from the racing: MSRA - Midland Slotstox - Midland Final 2013 (09/…: MSRA: Guide To Slotstox:
  2. J R

    Skegness stadium

    I'd have expected you could spell GLUTEN if you genuinely require gluten free food. You must read it on food labels on a daily basis.
  3. J R

    Breakfast blog

    When torque is applied to the wheels, the axle is trying to spin in the opposite direction (each force has an equal and opposite reaction). The 5th link is there to stop the axle from trying to spin around itself. If you imagine the angle of the shorter link (call it 45 degrees from vertical), half of the force is lifting the rear of the chassis (and therefore weight off of the rear axle), half is trying to move the chassis forward with respect to the axle. With the longer link at a shallower angle, much less of the force is trying to lift the chassis. I think the shorter link would have resulted in too little traction.
  4. J R

    Shocking prices!

    Sorry, but even if I'm inclined to accept most of what you say, you're poor understanding of fluid dynamics makes me take all you say with a pinch of salt. He said 'thicker', so he got the fluid dynamics right, a thicker fluid is more difficult to push through a port. The only thing wrong was his understanding of the measure of viscosity - more viscous = thicker and less viscous = thinner.
  5. I run 13.5:1 in my motocross bike with BP Ultimate with no problems at all, is this not possible in a chevy?
  6. J R

    weigh in problems

    To be fair, it doesn't really matter how accurate the scales they have are. They are never placed on completely flat and level ground, so will always give different results at different tracks. A few degrees of slope left to right or front to back in the right direction might cause a car to fail where it wouldnt on flat and level ground. Things such as a slightly bent or sticking shock can also cause a car to fail.
  7. Something like this will do as you say above: Davis Technologies
  8. I don't think that is the reason for using other gases, such as Nitrogen. Though they are lighter, the weight difference won't be that much. They reason they use these gases are that they are less prone to expansion (increasing pressures) with temperature than normal air is. Normal air, whilst 78% nitrogen has other things in, the main one that causes an issue is water vapour.
  9. Looks as though Paul was intended to stand at this point, but couldn't!
  10. No, but theres "m" for "me"!!
  11. J R

    Are f1s too fast

    That is corner speed though, bet F2's are 10-20mph down at the end of straights depending on the track, where the contact happens. Bearing in mind they are about half the weight, that is a lot less energy if one gets sent straight on into the fence (probably looking at 30-50% of the energy when one hits the fence).
  12. J R


    Long stroke gives good torque, short stroke gives more rpm/top end
  13. J R

    Good Year Tyres

    Don't think it would be against the law. The interested companies effectively tender with Brisca when they re-negotiate tyres (say we will provide for x seasons for £y per tyre). Brisca then selects the tyre to be used for the next few seasons. As it is formula racing, it should be kept as one type of tyre. More allowed brands would make it more expensive, because at the end of the day, some tyres might be better on different tracks on different cars, so the drivers would have to carry all types, just incase one type proved better on a particular track in particular conditions.
  14. J R

    Battered and bruised!

    I might have a nice yam for sale at the end of the season, for less than you have spent on clutches!
  15. What roof colours were the two respective cars?
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