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  1. Hope u give him some grief when he came off kid lol
  2. Got this meeting on video, This was a cracking final, with the three fastest men in the sport all in contention of winning in the last remaining laps. If you watch the video, as smithy comes under the starter for the last time before the video ends, an object is flicked up off the track by his car, a silencer or something like that.
  3. Lenny Smith was a top Banger driver before switching to F1's, along with Keith "Nobby" Roberts. I Personally think that many of the top name banger drivers could be good in F1's. You only have to watch the likes of Shane davies, Boxer jack and Overy to see that they have brilliant car control and raw driving talent, no matter what they are piloting
  4. Been asked to place this on here for the owner. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BRISCA-F1-STOCKCAR-E...id=p3286.c0.m14 Click the link
  5. Anybody remember Gilbanks roll at NIR on internations cup day a few years ago. Thats was massive
  6. #DID#


    Stupid, dirty driving which resulted in another driver getting shook up/injured. How many more times can he get away with these type of moves. Im all for proper stockcar racing, but he should be in bangers, not F1's. Not an example a world champ should be setting. I was surrounded by quite a few people wen the hit went in, and all i could here around me was "that was ott", and "what was the point in that". He really needs to calm himself down abit before someone gets really hurt, if he doesnt, it will happen, and im sure none of us want to see people who entertain us, week in, week out injured. Just my 2p's worth
  7. Thats the one, but you wont recognise it
  8. Same as last season, but with a bit of a revamp
  9. #DID#

    Well off topic!

    Dont blame ya mate, idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. #DID#

    HaNS Device

    Blimey mate, i bet that hurt like hell. Your well brave xxx
  11. F2 H19 Jelle Kurstjens has a good truck, been over here a few times this year. Well kitted out aswell
  12. Perhaps the owner of the glasses is still trying to find there way home, without being able to see the mapbook lol
  13. I thought it did aswell
  14. #DID#

    Grades plz

    Yeah its Keith from Rebels in the Paul Phillips car. I imagine he'll be goin off blue given his current grade in Rebs. Also Matt Roe is currently white in f2's
  15. Fantastic racing, R/R 9/10. DotD, 2 Paul Harrison
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