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  1. I have never ever done a racing rating before, this was my first Brisca meeting for about 4 yrs! Loved every minute of it, suppose the F2's a bit tame at times, but Moodie is one hell of a driver, Rebels were just mental, respect to all drivers, F1's for me were awesome, sound, the sights and what a skilled driver Tom Harris is, had a quick chat in pits to him, what a proper stock car driver! the perfect conception. Too many good drives in my humble opinion, but I personally think Rob Speak deserves driver of the day due to reading the race in the final and changing his line to catch number 4, but this #202 HH fella, who is he, pretty handy with a stock car, only reason I didn't rate him is because I don't know of him....sorry :g:probably deserves DD.....maybe next time eh, another 4 years....not!! RR9 DD 218
  2. Someone said why haven't the F1's been to Aldershot? My understanding is they have been approached but it was full fixtures at the time... Another very valid comment someone made on here and that is utilising the tracks during non race weekends ie weekdays. Brilliant idea.....but noise restrictions, local pressure make this unviable which in MHO would save a lot of tracks in the current guise. Again look at Rockingham.....fantastic venue, would be a pile of houses if the other events during non race weekends were not running and the same goes for most other larger circuits. It's all relative for running costs on the ovals. Again some tracks are happily enjoying making a good living and some are maybe not. Unless we all change with the times I fear todays oval racing will not survive due to most of the comments on here. I am no leader, or anyone influential just an oval fan who can't get to as many meetings as I would like...trying to earn a living!
  3. Maybe a single overall body needs to run the ORC, BRISCA, SPEDEWORTH, TRACKSTAR, whatever.... i suppose you would need to share the responcibility, somehow. I have no idea about current ownership of stadiums, but the land is owned is it? Leased? A profitable Oval track now, might not be in say 10yrs....just saying
  4. Quite a good debate me thinks I hardly ever post on here nowadays, but i often read through various topics. I used to race on the ovals, for Spedeworth as some of you may know, i don't hide behind a user name and have no problem with anyones view on what i post. With regards to the furture of our sport, the main issue is the stadiums are used only for stockcars, or speedway, and Greyhounds. All these sports and some time in thier lifespan have had ups and downs. Some stadiums now only runs car, some just bikes and a few the dogs, and which every way you look at it, some are scraping by, or some are enjoying making a living out of it. Now i had an idea where maybe the only way oval racing can survive is to maybe intergrate with the larger circuits, and not like used to happen years ago...snetterton, brands etc. Howabout somewhere within the grounds of say.....Silverstone an full oval facility is built, maybe 2 ovals, Tar and shale, keeping the oval enclosed for that oval feel, and have just maybe......i dont know 6 ovals around the country that all promotors use, sell off all standalone stadiums to the developers to raise the funds. I know large circuits have there issues.....but i am not trying to start a debate about off topic negitives. Its just an idea for the future of stockcar racing This way.....less meetings maybe? Bigger grids maybe.....sponsorship.....maybe.....reconised location.....maybe. Modern facilities.....maybe, new spectators....maybe. Logistically is this possible........financially is it possisble......Motorsport as a whole may need a new future.... rather than have 30 plus stadiums in various states of repair and fighting for survival......enclose it all....include the dogs and the bikes......stockcars......BTCC, BSB, MSA etc etc Anyway, this is just an idea.....a dream maybe Dean
  5. Oh i also recall being at Snetterton with the F1's....? Dont know the year, but i remember the really loud engines as they went past......again another really hot day! Lots of meetings had hot weather back then..................global warming.....whats that!
  6. I remember going to Brafield on a Sunday afternoon during the summer, must have been 1979 to 1982 from memory. I recall the Ministox being on, but before the meeting proper started, used to run in to see them..then watch the F1, saw a massive crash down near the pit gate, as i was so short, i could just make out a car going up in the air over another. My parents used to take a cooler box with salad, chicken and new potatoes....salad cream...we couldn't afford to buy stadium food. But is was really nice food my mum prepared....Cheers Mum! I remember travelling to Hednesford in my dads anglia.....he down graded from a yank due to cost of fuel! we broke down on the way home to London, we had only just got a few miles from the stadium, my dad says the oil pump pack up on the car, so as it was an external pump it could be fixed, somehow we went back to hednesford Hills, and Bill Morris owned a scrap yard? He had a secondhand pump, and helped my dad fix the road car while i was playing with some model stock cars in Bills house...must have been 1974/1975.....i was only 4/5..!! I also recall a Midget roll at Hednesford at another meeting......driver was knocked out and like a rag doll....scary at the time....again mid 70's i think.
  7. Well, just ordered F1WF 2012 on DVD and F1WF 2013 on Blu Ray....
  8. OMG that looks amazing, haven't bought a Stox video for a number of years now....and i think i will order this one, looks brilliant. Might treat myself to a Blu-Ray version )
  9. Well said Frankie, what a genuine and down to earth chap you are.. Even tweeted my thoughts to you as well....my first stoxnet post in a very long time....
  10. From experience Nigel, i broke my collar bone when mountain biking, and it took 4 months to heal properly before i could race my stock car, its the contact and general crash and bash, that hurts. Even the belts when done up AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD hurt, i wore a shoulder pad for ages, and it was painful for about a year afterwards. Good advise from fellow people, take your time and make sure you are healed fully before racing mate Good luck Dean
  11. Nigel You don't have to explain yourself to the idiots on here, most of them know sod all about stockcar racing, when i raced Superstox, i stopped posting on forums because people were just saying stuff that they had no clue on. I know what racing is like, i know the effort, and financial pain of getting a car on the pace, it takes many hours, many pound notes, and 100% focus and determination, your blogs sound like my racing experiences, some good, some bad. But Stick at it Nigel, and tell those who don't know to **** off. You will get there, it will be worth it, and racing a stock car on an oval is ******* brilliant, the best experience ever. If people on here think its a piece of ****, then get your short arms out of your deep pockets and put your money where your mouth is... Good luck Nigel, i will tweet you from now on......goodbye Stoxnet!!
  12. As an ex Superstox driver, this post caught my eye, because sponsorship is something i strived to get, but never got in the true sence of cash for racing Ben has done a brilliant post, and Timmy hit the nail right on the head, it's sadly a world of who you know, not what you know. I raced Superstox for Spedeworth for 13 years, all self funded, the only time i got close to free stuff was when i worked for a Motor Factors, and i used to get staff discount, 25% off, I do recall getting free oil, Valvolene at the time, so this kept the superstox with nice clean oil, i did know the sales director very well from my karting days 1st time round (1980's) and i used to service my van, and Superstox for nothing. Race damage, fuel, tyres etc, where never subsidised in anyway......this IMO is where the expence is... I have now sold up and gone back to karting, now this is what Timmy breifly stated in his post.... Years ago i did Karting, got quite good, and in debt, and was on the brink of a team sponsor, i had to buy the chassis and engine, all racing would be paid for, i had no money, nor did my parents, so at 18 i had to pass....gutted. Didn't have the internet so freely back in the day, and certainly no experience of how to get sponsors. I have now gone back into karting, doing quite well, and already have a small company helping out with various bits and pieces. What i am getting to is, Karting is more accepted as a sport to joe public, and if you are young and karting, and have a bit of talant, getting companies interested is very easy i have to say, stock cars will always be banger racing to the layman, and unless you know someone that knows someone, getting sponsors can be a thankless task
  13. If was in charge i would insist on decent toilets that are clean, PA system that can be heard at all times and roof gradings that are clearly visible, ie: the whole roof and fin
  14. Racing393

    Racing Games

    I agree all graet games, but check out "iRacing" this game kicks the butt off all known driving simulators to date, and that includes rFactor. The rookie legends is were you start, the racing is close and the phisycs are about a close as you an get IMO to the real thing. I race most evenings, in the Late Models, but there are loads to choose from, and it is licence/safety rating based, so hence keeps the racing very clean.
  15. http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/Home.do I have a good idea, take a look at this software, you need a reasonable PC to run it, and you purchase the licence to play the game, however the racing will have you hooked, the best sim around. You will need a PC wheel, and loads of spare time!!
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