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  1. LeeG

    Incarace Web site

    Hopefully to those involved can sort something out
  2. LeeG

    Fixture list 2020

    Hednesford Says on fb
  3. LeeG

    Fixture list 2020

    Think the fact with uncertainty over Belle Vue and now Birmingham they are waiting on a couple of things.
  4. LeeG

    Fixture list 2020

    Might not be F1.
  5. LeeG

    Fixture list 2020

    Ipswich I would think 20th June
  6. LeeG

    Birmingham track

    The First Birmingham Meeting of 2020 has been cancelled too
  7. LeeG

    Fixture list 2020

    would imagine first F1 meeting at Northampton would be May
  8. LeeG

    Fixture list 2020

    No news due to uncertainty over a few things
  9. LeeG

    top 5 races of 2019?

    Final at Belle Vue Shootout meeting top Race all round
  10. Thanks Roy , for all your hard work over the last 8 Months
  11. LeeG

    Colin North

    RIP Colin. a generous man that did so much for our sport
  12. LeeG

    2020 Fixtures

    Thanks Stox74 be interesting where Friday Early bank holiday will be
  13. LeeG

    2020 Fixtures

    Any Ideas on when a draft will be released if I remember rightly it was Birmingham gala night but with Belle vue & midlands track be a bit up in the air
  14. LeeG

    515 cutting back

    he will still do the majority of the meetings etc
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