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  1. Hiya How long is the garage area please? Could be just what I need/want? Thanks for your time Dave
  2. stick mod stox`s and brisca mini`s with them.
  3. previous owner said it was a ford motorsport service van and was in the middle east when first built. i have to check but beleived to of been Bin Salyuem`s service van who was sponsered by malbough/so you never know. dave
  4. thanks for all the replies guys speedy is right,i have contacted colin casserly and taken his excellant insurance cover out but they dont know who will cover me for breakdown cover. i rang the rac,wouldnt help me out for proper cover but for a sign on fee of £6 i could get a rate of £75 an hour for recovery or repairs made roadside. Andy r,sadly mate it looks like this;;; think the rac is my best option and keep a few pennies aside just in case. cheers dave
  5. i know this isnt stictly f1 based,but requires info from drivers etc. i have just purchased an ex ford motorsport iveco 5t van and none of the breakdown companies will touch it as it was registered in 1989. how do the drivers of the older transporters etc manage to get cover? some of the transporters out there in f1 land are older the me! any help would be grateful cheers dave
  6. just a quick one really the wife and i are going to coventry on friday and staying till sunday,camping out in the van (what fun) my wife is panicing that the toilets wont be open at night/early morning,can anyone shed any light on if we will be allowed into the stadium toilets? i went on the falding weekend and i seem to remember that we were allowed in to use the loos,but then again my memory is shocking,lol thanks for your help dave
  7. from a personal point of view i am so upset for rich and the rest of the family i have followed rich from when he raced a rebel. we spent many a boozy night in venray and have travelled all over the country in the bus with the mastersonson family. i am gutted this has returned to one of the nicest men i have never met.racing in f1`s is a dream come true for rich. Please please coventry,can we see one of the most popular racers out there.
  8. carlos for gold

    Carlos Perez

    carlos was telling us he freshly built it for kelvin,so it was brand new out the box. dave
  9. your not leaving us are you mate?,i hope not!!!!! dave
  10. this is just my view of the entire cock up (as i see it) while i fully understand harry has seemingly done everything in his power to complete this new track on time for the gold cup. i am rather annoyed to be told less than a month to go that it aint happening the powers that be have surely know for sometime now. DON`T THE FANS COUNT? there was 6 of us going over,we have all booked time of work,paid for flights in febuary,car hire paid,hotel booked,money exchanged. all for what? the flights we have lost all our money on as its less than 4 weeks to go and not an emergency! the car hire,waiting for a response back from them works not a real problem hotel thankfully is no charge don`t know if we can get our car parking charges back from liverpool airport? the exchanged money can be either spent or exchanged back so no real issue there. My young lad was heartbroken when i told him our annual jolly to holland was cancelled.when he asked why i couldn`t really respond. I am unsure what to say to him! was it harry for not informing the fans earlier? the dutch BSCDA for not trying to get it somewhere else if it didn`t happen? BRISCA for not stepping in or helping out. the surrounding areas will lose a massive amount to much needed money at this time. So thats it? it`s cancelled! so who loses out? WE ALL DO!!!!!! dave
  11. for me it has to rich masterson 103 while i know he started from white (not always from the front row) he had one if not the only unsuitable car there. big block,rally tyres,ultra low budget. but seemed to keep pace with the top runners. while we have seen many a white top dominate meetings it is usually in a top spec car,not something that was built years ago. it was an fitting meeting for a budget racer who may/may not race again the season. well done team masterson dave
  12. stick some pictures up mate,will help sell it dave
  13. rich you had much intrest in this venture? i pledge your race fuel for the first meeting you attend. (cash of course). hope this helps dave
  14. rich i hope for your fans and your sake you can weather this storm that they say is a credit crunch. our mark was telling me about the your good lady,it was a bit saddening. only thing i can really think of at the mo is- sigh yourself up for a paypal account and put it on here and stick the payers names on your car (didn`t carlos do the same a few years ago?). it might not add up to a kings ransom but as you say it all helps (fuel,tyres,insurance, etc) i for 1 will help you out mate,i have enjoyed being entertained by the team 103 camp for a few years. long may it continue dave
  15. not much but a fiver from me also,just shows people are willing to help others. good luck mate. dave
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