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  1. on big deal racing website http://bigdealracing.nl/
  2. Beter a Stockcar ( mechanic , fan ) , than a footbal suporter
  3. H10

    mini stox

    looking for to rent a mini stox for on the Sep 21st in Northampton
  4. looks like a newer version of the stockcar of martin verhoef
  5. H10

    Photo Request

    superstu391 cheers for the reply and the photo !
  6. H10

    Photo Request

    can any one help me finding photos from 2004 of the stockcar of H007 from dave schaap with the yellow spoiler ???
  7. H10

    Dutch WF Qualifiers

    after the worldcup in venray , then the drivers will be qualified for the WF
  8. Winner of the Stock Car F1 gets him on the 17 march in Lelystad
  9. briefly report There are a total of 15000 auctions tickets , 10000-19999 these are printed for the Netherlands. 20,000 to 24,999 are printed for the england. However, a total of 1,866 tickets are sold this is terrible. from he sold tickets we had expected that there woth be more sold but becaurse we can't invest in the sport. The ticket for the trailer is sold in england. The travel to the USA is sold in the Netherlands. what we know for sure is that the ticket for the stockcar was sold on the day of the drawing. but no price has been claimed. The Winning Tickets have the time to 23 feb 2014 to the price to pick it up. sold tickets Internet 90 pieces venray August 418 pieces Wainman 150 pieces skegness 288 pieces Gorkum 74 pcs hallum 144 pieces leeuwarden 136 pcs several 566 pieces total of 1866 pieces.
  10. look on www.sspn.info for the winning lottery numbers
  11. de tijd van de trekking van de loterij is naar 22.00uur verzet , dit inverband met het aanreizen van velen. Time of the drawing is changed to 22.00uur dutch time !!!!!!!!! , this becaurs travel time of some people !
  12. Loten kunnen tot 16 februari online gekocht worden !!! op de dag zelf 23 februari worden tot 18.00 uur loten verkocht en om 19.00 uur is de trekking Entree is 10 euro voor de stockcar Beurs en daar voor krijgt u ook een gratis Lot Tickets are online for sale until the 16 of februari the 23 of februari tickets will be sold until 18.00uur and the drawing of the winning tickets will be at 19.00uur entree is 10 euro you get is and get a free tickets
  13. with the draw of the winning tickets , you can buy tickets until February 22 tickets are also for sale by craig 52 on the events in the uk
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