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  1. Dan_L

    What a night!

    Great to read about your exploits, Nige..and roll on more victories in 2016
  2. Others have summed it up mostly already, especially Giant. I knew it was going to be good when I saw the forecast of rain in the day and a dry night. And it was - the track was absolutely perfect as it was fast without too much dust. All Stars race was a great idea but not so well executed - it would have been better with introductions as there were confused conversations going on around me of who was in which car....and they had a programme. Shame to see Mel getting injured but good that he's OK. Track championship and W+Y were cracking races with the cat n mouse of Dan n Speaky in the former and the latter had a bit of everything...a huge committed move from Ben early on and a good finish but what a shame for Geoff as he was well away and gone and deserved to get something out of the race. Dutch drivers weren't just making up the numbers and they put in a good performance. Easy to sum up the rest of the meeting - when you don't know where to look next in case of missing something, you _know_ you're at a proper stock car meeting. Having said that, and this says it all about what a loss Cov is going to be, I don't think it was Coventry's best meeting this year - some of the earlier ones were superior but it was considerably better than the "showpiece" SO finale last week. Great presentation for John but it was hard to tell what was going on from the back straight. Perhaps one too many formulae being the only marginal gripe. DotD? Difficult so I'll say it's a 3 way tie...I'd say 215 as he was so unlucky / 150 if for no other reason that 100% effort and the joke in the GN / 217 for the move on Speaky in the final. RR: 8 PS: If only one DoTD allowed...then 215.
  3. On the group I originally saw this on, the Ebay seller had been identified there as 'Finmaster6'
  4. Dan_L

    Season Summary

    I've not done a ton of meetings this year - with family committments I try to keep the travelling down - but I wouldn't regard it as a classic and some of the big meetings that I've attended have been lesser than their hype. Coventry and Stoke and provided the highlights of the year, from Gilbank's master class (and dodgy GN behaviour) at the early Stoke to Lundy's win at the last meeting there. Coventry has been exceptional all year, especially with Nige's win and the ding dongs that have punctuated each meeting - I'll sorely miss it when it goes. Thanks to all the drivers, their mechanics and families for their committment in keeping this great sport going.
  5. I'm going to beat Matt H in as he's probably sobering up ;-) Agree with Marco, above. Well done to Dan for a job well done and commiserations, especially to Lee for leading it for so long and Frank who got into the running today and looked well up for it. Sheffield is a great stadium that I've defended on a number of occasions despite not seeing many 'classic' meetings there; I've been to a lot, too, including the good old days of the Bank Holiday events in the 80s. Today was supposed to be a showpiece event and the best way that I can try to describe the day is when I tried to imagine what I'd say to someone I'd taken along for the first time to try to justify why it was worth bothering with. I'd have found it very hard. I don't know if it's the fence at Sheffield that keeps the car numbers down but it wasn't a great spectacle at all; the run off sounded great and, as the commentator said, it could have been a great game of cat n mouse...but ended up being a waste of time. We held on for the dash for the cash and left after a lap as it was a let down, too. The big events just aren't living up to the hype these days. DOTD: 4 RR: 5
  6. The comment above sums everything up. I don't post here very often but what gets my goat about some in the F1 fraternity is when someone runs out of argument and accuses another of being a "keyboard warrior" because it's easier to attack the person than it is to discuss the item in a reasonable manner. This isn't levelled at this discussion (or anyone in this discussion) but what happens in general these days, particularly on a popular form of social media. And, as already pointed out, some of the worst offenders don't really mind if they are known by full name or photo which is why I don't particularly see why publicising names offers much of a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, the internet offers the same psychology as someone driving aggressively in a van. Other drivers can see the aggressor, they might even know who they are from a name on the side of the van but the tin can around you offers some kind of isolation which makes people behave differently than they would normally. Regardless, if a forum isn't a place to discuss the positives and negatives of our favoured sport, I don't know what is. I think it is very healthy for people to have their view aired, however unpalatable it is, because it might just lead to something more positive in the end. The line that must not be crossed, though, is abusing another forum user directly (or indirectly) and making them feel as though it really isn't a place where they want to inhabit anymore.
  7. Just out of interest....and to take this in a more constructive direction. While we're effectively talking about who would do what if they crossed over into a different motorsport, let's look at those people who have done it? I know Falding and one of the Hodgsons went into Ascar/Eurocars/whatever they're called in the 90s but what level of success (I know Steve Hodgson won the championship in 2004 but I can't find a lot more info) did they have and were they driving against any drivers from, say, the BTCC? I'm not comparing Smith Snr with Peter Falding or whoever, either - just would like to understand what has happened when stock car drivers have gone up against other drivers in a different area of the sport.
  8. I saw Smith snr race and he was what people say... An excellent stock car driver with few peers. I didn't particularly like to see him win (because i tend to support the underdogs) but you cannot dismiss the talent. However, I was also surprised that he came second and that does not mean that I mean any disrespect. I do think it is great publicity for the sport, though, and hopefully it will mean an increase in the number of hits on the BriSCA websites... And some new people through the turnstiles. It's also a great honour to the man himself.
  9. 4 16 515 You could interchange the first two but I think Dan has the momentum and the track and surface clearly suit him. If it rains, however, it could be very different.
  10. Wasn't going up until about 1pm then convinced the clan it would be a dry night and perfect track following the earlier rain. Glad we did go! Lots of action from all through the grades and the contenders for the WF showing good form. Felt a bit sorry for Matt 16 as I think he'd have liked to have a bit of a confidence boost but suspect he might swap bad luck last night for good luck on WF night. Sworder had another shocker, too. DJ was flying as was Tom. Surprised 197 appeared "easy" to pass but looked a lot quicker than last time there - maybe prepared to stay out of aggro while still ironing any gremlins out...? Great driving from 24, 207 putting it about and 118. 212, also. 53 had the bit between his teeth alright which is good to see. As usual, Cov built up slowly with the depleted heats being solid and interesting but lacking that special zip. Final and GN were cracking, especially Speaky getting reeled in but cheekily slowing right down into the last corner after gaining some breathing space. Memorable moment of the GN was a gaggle of superstars battling down the home straight, no one wanting to give an inch. Tricky situation as it seems that two heats would result in too many cars and three heats offers slightly too few. V8 HotStox seemed a little subdued and, like others have said, the sprints just offered a welcome break to go and walk around the pits for me as the novelty has worn off. I was really impressed with the paramedic in the hire car - considering a lot of drivers have been in other formula (assuming he hasn't) he went well and did well to stay out of too much bother on what was clearly a very fast track with drivers not wishing to take any prisoners. Good meeting in general - slightly pipping Stoke last week - and the shower didn't even get clogged up afterwards. R/R - 8 DoD - 318
  11. Well done, Nige. All that hard work has got you a fantastic result!
  12. First time poster here! Good meeting at Stoke - efficient turnaround and glad they supplied extra toilet facilities as took my 2 year old along for his first "evening" meeting and a baptism of dust it was, too. I agree with other posters - it didn't quite have the usual Stoke zing and whether that was because there was a lot at stake or the track was too smooth (!) or the "unusual" mid race waterings, I don't know but it would be unfair to say anything negative about the rationale for any of those. FWJ looked revitalised and clearly has his mojo back which is great to see. He certainly was mixing it and his last bend nibble in the semi made for an interesting end to a predictably tame (other than Lee obviously cashing in a bit of payback, perhaps for a fencing at Brum or maybe something more recent) race. Great drives from Nige 45, "old timer" Mal 34 and newcomer 220 getting into the WF with some level headed drives. Great to see "nearly man" 16 getting a good result, too, as well as Dan. Should make for an interesting WF, for sure. As for a lot of meetings I've been to this year, the meeting got better as it went on and the final and GN were almost or at the usual Stoke level. A notable performance for the evening for 191 and, particularly, 435 - I like how he appears to want to learn his craft in a clever, measured way rather than picking up a lot of damage by getting "red trained" on re-starts; obviously some wise gears whizzing around in that helmet. Watering the infield would have been a good move earlier on as would watering all of it, rather than part of it which appeared to happen at one point. Also think that clearing the slurry tank out completely prior to using it as a water truck might be a good idea for next time ;-) Overall: RR 7.5 Dod 515
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