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  1. Here are the Semi Grids๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  2. Less than a week๐Ÿ๐Ÿ
  3. http://youtu.be/hPV96-IDMn8 Enjoy๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
  4. if you want to compare Stock Cars to F1, we'd be paying over a thousand to get into the pits.
  5. you can't take refreshments into the majority of events or entertainment businesses. Part of having a business is about making as much net profit as possible and this is one of the ways which aid in doing so.
  6. People just want to see who's racing, there's a reason they're realeased to the public.
  7. Anyone know where it can be found on Virgin?
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    2014 Tarmac Cars

    He'll have a lot less downforce though...he will have a lot less drag too!!!! Win win in my book!! Not worth it on short ovals, he'll have to go into corners slower, through corners slower and won't be able to get the power down as fast, wings are there for a reason!
  9. Jack C

    2014 Tarmac Cars

    He'll have a lot less downforce though...
  10. Short teaser produced (edited) by myself. Thanks to: http://www.youtube.com/user/PietBandiet http://www.youtube.com/user/981smithy http://www.youtube.com/user/BriscaF1StockCarFan http://www.youtube.com/user/glencuz1967 For the footage used in the video, enjoy!
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    Shocking prices!

    best post yet๐Ÿ‘Œ
  12. Do you feel you lived up to the expectations of the gold roof? I dont think thats for me to judge. Ive had a good season i feel and performed well under the gold roof winning some good races. Hopefully that is enough for people to say that i did the gold roof justice. Was there any added pressure to perform because of being world champ? Yes there was some added pressure but i knew that each and every time i got strapped in. I saw the pressure as a privledge really and it really motivated me. All i can do is go out there and try and win races which is all ive ever tried to do. What were your best and worst moments of the 2013 season? The best would have to be winning the british championship at buxton. Not just to win the british but to win it under the gold roof was special. Ive not got any worst moments really but looking back i had a poor gold cup weekend in venray and struggled with the car around that track with my smaller engine. Hopefully we can get it right and try again for it. Who was your toughest opponent this season and why? The field of cars and drivers we have at present is so competitive and close. Its hard to pick out any paticular driver as there as so many tough opponents but i enjoy racing any driver hard and fair. Which track do feel you performed best at? Probably buxton this year has been a really good track for me with winning the semi final there and the british. I think i won the track championship there this year so yes i would have to say buxton. What race has been the most memorable to you this year? The u25 was a good race. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and it was great to win that one. Alot of people put there hard earned money into that race so it good to be able to give them all a decent race back in return. What have you learned from this season? I learnt alot this season with it being my first full season on shale so its been a learning curve every race. Im now getting a good balance with this shale car i feel and with some more tweaks hopefully you will see me with more shale wins next season. Could you give an overall summary of your 2013 season? Ive think ive had a good season winning a few championships too which is fantastic. Its been my first full season on shale like ive said so its been tough at times plus we have done alot More meetings than usuaI so thats been a strain on funds. Ive enjoyed shutting a few folk up though and proving what i can do. Im still on a learning curve and hope we can keep improving the cars and myself. What are your aims/goals for 2014? My aim next year is to win the silver roof. One of the championships i havnt yet won so i will do everything i can to win that. What would you rate your season out of 10? 9/10 Thanks to all my team and sponsors for there support this year. For more season reviews and the best BriscaF1 pictures be sure to follow https://twitter.com/BriscaF1Por
  13. What have been your best and worst moments of the 2013 season? Best, leading the consolation semi at Kings Lynn on world final night, I should have pushed harder, I certainly would have been 2nd without the waved yellows costing me, But i still beat John Lund over the line! Worst, at the same track, When in front of Mick Sworder on the restart in the final, he put me in, breaking my shoulder! Who was your toughest opponent this season? Paul Carter is my nemesis on Tarmac, and Ben Hurdman on Shale, they are two i want to beat. Which track do feel you performed best at? I love Coventry, but feel i had some good races at Sheffield. For tarmac i love Skegness, but also went well at Northampton. Could you have performed better this season? Rubbish, I didnt get off to a good start, then injury cost me 2 months. What have you learnt from this season? You learn every ear. I have certainly calmed down, and settled in to racing a stock car. I can now relax when racing. It is better to be relaxed than too nervous, it certainly makes you a better driver, and i feel more confident for next year. What are your aims/goals for 2014? I have just bought a new shale car, its Stu Smiths shale car, and is a very nice car to drive, and i also looking at buying a better tarmac engine. A tarmac engine is designed for tarmac, and will help me get the power down and not wheel spinning, so looking forward to having a better season with 2 good cars. My ambitions are to get to Red, and to get to that important Coventry word final. If i dont do it i have tried, if i do one of them it will be an achievement. Could you give an overall summary of your 2013 season? Overall Rubbish, i started the season at blue. I struggled, as soon as the flags drop the reds are on you, and they are allways in a rush! Then i went and broke my shoulder blade at Kings Lynn. That put me out for 10 meetins, right at the time when the world qualifiers were on, meaning i didn't get in a semi. How would you summarise this season in one word? RUBBISH!
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