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  1. Carl, 129 is euan millar from Lockerbie, f2, 629, 461 is lindsay Wilson from dunfermline ex saloons 246, 116 is Gary coffey ex f2 176, 542 is Michael blain, sorry don't know where there from. regards andy boneham
  2. flags and co, the transporter was parked on hathern industrial estate in late August
  3. A Boneham

    Luke Branston

    r i p luke Branston 741
  4. Mildenhall also ran a f1 meeting on 16th of June 2002, the final was won by Steven Taylor ex93
  5. A Boneham

    Missing Drivers

    mick stecko car was ex John cayzer, Brent savages ex Willie Harrison car went to Dennis knight ex407
  6. I'm good thanks billy tom just loving this thread, i can't believe how many are joining in and it's good to see you having another go racing f1 I've watched you race from your mini stox days upto the present day regards andy
  7. hi billy tom, how about yogi bear? you may know someone who would like that name 😁 regards andy
  8. thanks for the reply billy tom. good luck to you for Saturday, hopefully it won't be as dramatic as last weekend congratulations on the birth of your son and good luck for the rest of the season and I'll look forward to seeing your self built later in the season.
  9. hi billy tom, it's good to see you racing again. i remember you racing in the mini stox and a few years ago in the f1,s can i ask you what your plans are for racing this year, are you racing shale only or are there any plans to race on tarmac as well? also what are the origins of the car you raced last Saturday? many thanks billy tom regards andy
  10. 48 shaun webster is the saloon driver, he has a ex Craig Utley car
  11. 127 was in the ex ben hurdman 207 car that previously belonged to mark woodhull 335
  12. A Boneham

    Ray Watkins #362

    r i p ray after retirement ray helped Roger hollingshead ex 305 and as a young fan I used to collect drivers autographs I remember 1 night at Leicester I was with my dad who knew ray and ray was with roger i asked ray for his autograph and Rogers response was it's me that's racing not him but I still wanted rays autograph as he had been a stock car racer I still asked roger for his autograph aswell
  13. thanks for letting us know how you found your 2 weekends of racing tim now you've started giving a report on your racing you must continue to do it lol! I'm coming down to taunton for your uncle Bill's meeting and doing both days I've been looking forward to it since it was announced last year who's car will you be using? regards Andy
  14. dod 318 r/r 7 speaky was on form again today an amazing finish to ht2 looking good too were 107 , 217, 2 and 16 enjoyed the racing today roll on stoke next Saturday
  15. r/r 6 d o d 318 best f1 race of the night was the g n the rest of the meeting was nothing to shout about unfortunately the meeting will be remembered more for the huge rollover by the mini stox 127 than the f1,s
  16. r / r 8 dod 335 some good racing in all 3 formulas and some good drives from 212,22, 174 259 amongst others but my dod goes to 335 when I saw the car at 4pm on Thursday there was no engine in the car the engine went back in the car late friday night and Saturday morning only finished at 1pm a fantastic team effort and then go and get the results mark got very impressed
  17. you might be thinking of geggs Stevenson ex 287 he had a nasty fire at Leicester in a new car in 1984 and that was on the following months stockcar magazine
  18. done signed using my gmail account no problem
  19. Nigel's car is being driven by 264 gary lenton
  20. won't be f2 at lochgelly as the f2 british is at barford on the same day the support formulas are more likely to be national saloon stox and superstox
  21. as this started out talking about lee robinson then going into talk about sponsoring drivers lets merge them and for quality service on your vehicles and you are in the loughborough area why not get in touch with lee robinson at unit 15 farley way business park farley way quorn near Loughborough le12 8rb or phone 01509 414715 and by letting lee work on your vehicles you are in 1 way financially helping a stockcar driver you owe me a pint for advertising your business lee
  22. dotd 169 r/ r 6 good to see Billy Johnson back racing unlucky in the semi then determined drives in the consolation, final and grand national until he picked up a puncture and this is my first time posting on stoxnet after viewing for a few years I became a member today
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