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  1. You can take your whippet in, but on a leash. You can bring your own meat pie, however you may struggle to get a pint of mild. Seats are encouraged, bring a carrot or two and anti-bends pills for the journey back northwards! Apologies in advance for the Cornish commentator
  2. We would have loved to have had the F2's NS round on this date, but due to the regionality of the National Series rounds, Taunton wanted the previous week. With the F2 NS round - its the "PRI" Banger World. If you are coming down the ones are supported by the Saloons - so more heavy metal than the Download Festival!!!
  3. Tomorrow night fomr 8pm UK Time, it's time for General Chinwaggery!!! This time we will be joined by Bowie from the NZ radio show "Doing it On the Dirt" to discuss the World Teams and the usual general guff... spreaker.com/stoxradio or on iTunes pretty soon after!!
  4. Tonight - The Big League Podcast gets underway at 8pm with Kellie Brassey from Brisca Fences Cancer and Dan Johnson. Join the crew from 8pm www.spreaker.com/stoxradio Also available as a podcast immediately after - same place or your usual podcast provider (iTunes, Acast etc)
  5. Join Gary, Bryan and RIchard to discuss the goings on of the past month. Sam Jacklin (137) joins us, along with Deane Wood to discuss the fall out from the European (or not) Weekend. Listen live from 8pm- or alternatively, listen as a podcast almost immediately after.... Get Involved @stoxradio with your questions or find us on Facebook http://spreaker.com/stoxradio
  6. Join us now on at http://spreaker.com/stoxradio
  7. Tonight --- the Big League Podcast returns with Gary OSborne and Richard Barwick.... with special guests Ashley "Superstar" England and Nigel "Red Top" Harrhy! From 8pm spreaker.com/stoxradio
  8. Available as a download on iTunes now and also on Spreaker.com/stoxradio Phoebe around 25 Mins Stuart Cowie around 50 mins Sarge around 90 minutes
  9. Rounding up the early action, and previewing the busy month ahead. Join Gary and Richard as they interview Phoebe Wainman and Mark Sargent, and get a look at the game Stock Cars Unleashed 2 with the creator Stuart Cowie http://spreaker.com/stoxradio
  10. Ways to listen again https://www.spreaker.com/user/stoxradio/the-f1-fan-forum- either stream or download! Or iTunes - click on podcasts and search for Stoxradio!!
  11. Join Jonny from 8pm on Wednesday to debate the future of BriSCA F1 On the Panel Startrax's Steve Rees Spedeworth Deane Wood Colin Casserley Les Redford Keith Organ and BSCDA Rep Plus your questions and feedback! Listen Here Place your questions for the panel, either on this thread, on the Stoxradio Facebook page Or Tweet @@stoxradio Try to be positive and look forward - no "Why can't we go back to Odsal/Coventry", more "What is being done to save existing stadiums???" In the words of Donald Trump - "It's gonna be great!!!"
  12. A few things. 1. It will be live - but also available as a podcast almost immediately after. 2. It won't be censored - all our shows have the parental guidance sticker on them - joys of working with Mike Priddle (F2 14) - the Taunton Tourettesmith means f bombs are rife. 3. I'm hosting - will aim to be fair to all, but won't let a fudge answer get out - see my history - just ask Daz Kitson, Dave Richardson et al who have reawoken my journalistic skills learnt some 15 years ago! 4. There will be an opportunity for the non attendees to get involved via email/tweet/facebook/dm Should be good - put the date in your diary. Stoxradio will also be having the Big League Podcast, with Gary Osborne and Richard Barwick starting from 29th March, previewing the season ahead.
  13. The Big League Podcast returns tonight! Join Gary Osborne and Richard Barwick with special guests Paul Hines and Nigel Green to discuss the burning issues of the moment. Tonight from 8pm only at spreaker.com/stoxradio Get in contact via the live chat option on spreaker. Or Tweet us @@stoxradio.... or visit the FB page Available as a Podcast immediately after on iTunes
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    Podcasts will up later on. Apologies for the technicals
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