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  1. Garry

    Is FWJ ok?

    Hi Garry, Im not surprised his ribs hurt the speed he went in, I said he got out the car unaided which he did and that his car seem to crumple and take allot of the impact which was a reply to crashers post. We know stock car racing is Dangerous as is any form of motorsport. Anyway hope to see Frank back racing soon. hi Calvin. I hope Frank is back soon to the sport needs all its top drivers on track racing.
  2. Garry

    Is FWJ ok?

    Calvin. after buxton british I no craig finn 55 didn't just walk free from his crash last time I spoke to him about 3 weeks ago his ribs still hurt so fwj is not the only driver to have problems this season people should take note of over drivers as well as fwj .
  3. Don't for get 55 BRITISH CHAMPION in NEW TARMAC Car
  4. hi 1st time on stoxnet did any 1 see the hole that was across the track into the pits bend.craig finn 55 would not race because the hole was so big.
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