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    dad used to race
  1. the coach that the ropers had was sold to kyle ford (national ministox 10) but i havent seen it over the last couple of years
  2. have you still got the seat for sale
  3. looks great where did you get that seat from?
  4. good to see nige in the results but why was he in the consolation if he already had a point
  5. Danny95


    i raced minis and i awlways watched the flag man because he will always go before the lights
  6. Danny95

    New 515 tar car

    what is the advantage of this panhard bar position
  7. forgot to say they are all for sale
  8. these are the three cars at bell vue last year and we are using 1000cc engines
  9. hi paul, we have 3 minis here, a mini van, a mini pickup and standard car. These are all in different states of repair, if you want to come and have a look. if you want any or all of them we can come to some sort of deal. from about £400 for a car with no engine to £2,250 for the others, all these prices are negotiable. you would have seen the pickup race at buxton last sunday. We are based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. you can contact me on 07595710261
  10. Danny95

    f1 headers

    the header kit i mean
  11. Danny95

    f1 headers

    matt were can i get these from? thanks for the answres everyone
  12. Danny95

    f1 headers

    hi everyone, does any one now who is the best/cheapest person to see about a set of header pipes and muffelers for a big block chevy thanks, danny
  13. dont know it makes no sense when most of the kids of those who race brisca minis but now they will have to chose betwean minis or f1 meeting
  14. hi, does anyone know how can i apply for a 2011 rule and regulation pack, not a licence just the rule pack thanks Danny
  15. Danny95

    Chassis Questions

    how thick are the chasi main rails?
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