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    #525 - 1990 Crewe and Skegness.
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    Been F1 racing since I was born :)
    Held the F1 World Final Trophy twice - Dave Chisholm's home and Ray Tyldesley's home.
    Was last with one point scored in 1990 F1 National Points Table.
  1. 1971 WF for me although I cannot remember anything about it as I was 2 years old. First WF I can remember was 1976, gutted that Willie went out in the race and thanks to Ray Liddy videos I later found out how - was at the other end and being small couldn't see the pits bend. So as you can imagine 1977 was even worse for me, seeing Gimpy take Willie out in the opening laps, I admit I cried! But my tears turned to joy in 1982, every lap seemed like an hour, but at the flag I have never experienced joy like that, everyone was buzzing! I have only missed a few WF's in my time but nothing beats that excitement and anticipation. However some of the races have been pure let downs from a spectators point of view ie 2019 (All top drivers on first few rows but a one man show prevailed - no-ones fault, just how it goes sometimes!) But conversely there have been some that will be talked about for years and years to come! PS. I have had the good fortune of listening to Dave Chisholm speak to me of his 1975 World Final win beating Smithy for the third time in a row and it was truly fascinating to learn what goes on in a driver head as the race unfolds. It would have been great to have heard Stuarts side of the story too, but it certainly open my eyes to the thinking behind the racing
  2. 85 'n' 525

    World champions

    In terms of race wins whilst World Champion, no Keith Chambers would not be the least successful driver, 4 drivers have less wins. Surprising who is actually bottom! In terms of Final wins whilst World Champion, Keith Chambers and four other World Champions are bottom of the table with no wins. Table here : https://www.briscaf1stox.uk/website/stats_22.php
  3. RESULT : 5, 20, 555 Looking at the result, is it possible that it was the youngest top three ever in a BriSCA F1 race? Even beating an Under 25 race??
  4. After reading your blog regarding last Kings Lynn and how you went so well but from a lap down, I knew that when you lined up for heat 1 you were very confident of a win or a decent finish at least. I did wonder if Jake would put you off being outside but when the flag dropped, two seconds later you were facing the wrong way Gutted for you as I wanted to see you drive like you did last Kings Lynn. You would have had a chance too, had it not been for those pesky tyres!!
  5. I was quite impressed with Liam Gilbank all night. For such a young lad, with little experience he drove very well. Even helped his dad out with an on track problem! World Final itself was probably the worst I have witnessed in terms of "Entertainment" for the lead but a "Talented" driver, with the best machinery, from Pole is always going to be difficult to stop. Two World Titles for Tom at the same track with the same top 3 and raced in the same way! Enjoyed watching the Dutch drivers in the two consolation, thought they were "Mad" the way they threw the cars into the bends, hope they all enjoyed the experience! A few Dutch were really quick too - H69, H61 & H100. Mark Wareham #401 - I sincerely hope he is fine and the car not badly bent, because he took some really hard hits during his incident and then several more a few times over in the pursuing laps. I commend you Mark, for taking all that and sitting there allowing the race to continue. DOD - 20 Liam Gilbank RR - 7 (World Final poor but you cant blame the promotion for that, I just wished the top drivers "Battled" it out to the end). PS - Wonder if any drivers will change their perception of driving a "Safe" Semi-Final in future???
  6. I would say "Jock Lloyd #131" who won from yellow in 1961, but that is because it was raced in graded order. In a mixed grid, i.e Semi Finals, I would hazard a guess that no-one below red grade has won the World Final since 1961, although a few blues have been in the mix during the race - Ed Neachell #321 in 2004, Graham France #216 in 1986, Frankie Wainman Snr #212 in 1999 to name a few
  7. Didn't Dave qualify outright from his Semi?
  8. The original domain name of www.BriscaF1stox.co.uk is no longer available to me, so I have created a new one : www.BriscaF1stox.uk If you have any information that you don't see on the website I would be grateful if you could fill the void Please contact me on PaulB_85(at)BriscaF1stox.uk Thank you Dont forget you can also find out information on Carl's excellent website - "Since 1954" : http://www.stoxnet.com/since1954/
  9. I wasn't able to resurrect the original domain name, so the site address now is www.BriSCAF1stox.uk Would still appreciate information, interviews, or anything that will fill a void of what I don't have and you can email me on PaulB_85(at)BriscaF1Stox.co.uk THANK YOU
  10. Back in the so called "Good Old Days", Whites, Yellows and a few blues on tarmac were considered obstacles as their machinery wasn't up to the task against the big boys. Nowadays the lower graders can all get their hands on "Decent" machinery and it becomes a "Chase" formula rather than a bumper them out of the way formula. I don't mind this as racing today on tarmac is all about speed, accuracy and skill, and to watch the guys at the back work their way through is breathtaking at times. Tonight had some very fast yellows, 300, 70, 126 and some blues 37, 124, 196 who all drove remarkably well under pressure from the Reds & Superstars. Heat 1 and I thought Paul Hines #259 was quite timid, but once Paul Harrison #2 had passed him, Mr.Hines opened her up and really got moving. He was even quicker in the final and showed the potential his new car has. Talking of Paul Harrison, his move in heat 1 to dispose and push wide several drivers at once was a great move and gave him lots of clear air to push on towards the front. Shame he was fenced in the final early on else I felt another excellent drive was on the cards. My driver of the day was FWJ #515; to see his car in bits in the pits right up to start time, then with a misfiring car in his first heat still scored 9th, second heat getting there, then the final to pass 445 and leave him with ease (not something you see often!) only to be denied a deserved final win due to a "Chicken Move" by 126. R/R : 7/10 DOD : 515 Moodie was so smooth and consistent in F2's, but some of the other F2 red grade drivers gave us great entertainment. I particularly liked 960 (Yellow Top) he was mixing it with the reds in the final and getting under their skin but was driving superbly - Credit to you Sir! Wasn't sure about the Hot Rods, but once they got racing it was amazing to see how accurate they drove. Yes its difficult to pass, but the precision and speed is astounding. 491 & 17 really caught my eye, the way they stuck at it round the outside of the inner train. Wouldn't mind if they were on the bill with F1's again in the future, if as many were racing at once. Well Done Rob and Deane - Superb evening of entertainment.
  11. Evolution of a BriSCA F1 Stock Car over 65 Years No.25 on 16th April 1954 No.25 on 16th April 2019
  12. First meeting for about 18 months and wasn’t disappointed. Started off with a lovely portion of Fish & Chips, better than my own local! then treated to a swift meeting of excellent formulas. Racing was a great mixture of wet and dry, which I like, shows me the drivers working for everything in the wet then as it dries the racer in them comes out and it’s who is the driver who is going to risk pushing on first? Not a good night for the Wainmans, but really good to see lower graders have a fighting chance ie 415, 348 & 268. Blues had a really good go too, 326, 166, 22 with a few reds who pushed on hard 220, 150 then 25 gradually getting to grips with the changing track conditions & especially 175 who I thought tried hard all night but seemed to get nowhere which was quite unfair to Karl for the effort. That leaves DJ and Finn, both super quick with different styles and only a flat tyre stopping 55 going further in the final. But credit to DJ, he was superb and so quick! Well worth witnessing his victory dance after the final Only criticism was the lack of pace car for all formulas, and the state of the toilets. Great evening of entertainment - RR 9/10 (For all formulas) Driver of the Day - 415 so close to a deserved victory in the consi. However my driver of the day across all formulas was No.10 in V8’s, a novice, superb car and he was driving excellently mixing it with the reds. He will be a star driver without a doubt - Well Done lad
  13. Isn't there another star driver who turns 50 today who did win a final at Coventry on his birthday??
  14. 85 'n' 525


    See Here : https://www.briscaf1stox.uk/website/drivers.php?d=1967&menu=h
  15. Looking through my site, I would choose 20th July 1969. Guy on the car could be Ray Pearce #234 - Winner of Heat 1 Rod Smith #277 finished the Helter Skelter Race.
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