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  1. Keith H - yes Brian Eley and Jean Donalley? set up the fan club but moved aside, Brian continued to be involved with newsletters etc. Sadly Brian and his 3 wheeler are no longer with us.
  2. We took over the running of the Brian Wallace Fan club up until his accident. We hand produced rossettes and had a window sticker produced from one of my sketches - the tag line was Im a One One Niner, still got the sketches in the loft. We also organised a trip to the Leicester semi when Brian appeared, eventually taking 2 coaches. One year we attended the fan club derby at Brafield, as it was then, we produced a pink and yellow train that somehow survived the journey down from Manchester. Earlier we had travelled to Harringay for the world final, the one Noden missed, with the Stu Smith fan club - it was pretty quiet on the return journey! We also went to numerous fan club does in the 70's, staying over often turned out to be very alcohol infused, one night I spent the remaining night on the floor of the shared bathroom of our accommodation - good job all guests had been to the same do and reconvened in someones room :-) Good times, don't think its the same these days.
  3. stubax

    Belle Vue Memory

    Colin, dont think it was Alan Heap as right colour car but no saint painted on back of car.
  4. stubax

    Belle Vue Memory

    Colin, no idea - it was a long time ago and I was quite young, will look him up. 🚗
  5. stubax

    Belle Vue Memory

    My earliest memories of Belle Vue must be from around the mid sixties. I can remember trying to get up Hyde Rd which was jammed with both cars and pedestrians, seem to recall some transporters being escorted to the stadium by the police, Belle Vue as a whole was very popular back then, especially on bank holidays. As a youngster I was amazed at 1 particular car keep returning to the track despite it being wrecked each time it appeared, I was convinced he must have had a number of cars available - it was a red car with the saint logo on it, anyone know who it was?
  6. It has been announced that it covers the whole of the Manchester county area, how that would affect the motorways I have no idea.
  7. It was announced yesterday that Manchester is introducing a polution zone that covers ALL parts of the county, that is from Merseyside across to Yorkshire, on the news it said that cars are exempt but that some HGV's will be charged £100 per DAY, is this another nail in the coffin for Belle Vue?
  8. How people forget, at the old Belle Vue it wasn't unusual to see house bricks being ripped up out of the shale, particularly on the pits bend, don't remember too much complaining about it then tho. Ahh, no internet to complain on then, it didn't put the drivers off though as it was often difficult to get bookings there. Some things never change.
  9. stubax


    Dave Taylor ran the V12 Jaguar. Many others in the 70's ran with Jag as they where so affordable, when we had an engine issue we picked up a lump for £20 complete. We were told it wasn't standard and indeed it wasn't having a steel sump, normally they had alloy sumps, and didn't half scream when going around White City
  10. stubax

    Stuart Smith

    Coincidentally You Tube flagged up Les Cottons post of Stuart's look back over his career yesterday.
  11. The stadium lived on past the rest of the park, was bought by Bamforth as a stand alone facility. Looking back on it, it was the beginning of the end though, many happy memories of sitting in the back straight grandstand and then racing there to discover the back straight wasnt straight!
  12. stubax

    40 years on....

    I remember the day well, we where racing that day so missed the accident, thankfully, We also used to run Brians Fan club for a period.
  13. Whilst flicking thro the EPG last nite I noticed a film called Stock Car was listed on Tru TV, the film, wich was British, wasnt very good but did feature some footage from 'Walthingay' stadium that was from the fifties and was interesting to see, The stock cars used in the film appeared to be genuine cars mixed up with actual footage
  14. stubax

    Kings of the Oval

    Bought a Kindle version from Amazon, think it was £7-99, good read.
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