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  1. FLAN 133


    Such terrible news, my thoughts are with Clark's Friends and family at this very sad time.
  2. All serious offers considered. Need to make some room in the yard. And it needs a new loving home! Contact me: 07710043636
  3. Bump. Still available, space needed some come make an offer. Contact details as above
  4. Still looking for a new home for this Transporter. All sensible offers considered. Contact: Anthony Flanagan, 07710043636
  5. For Sale, Transporter as used by myself. Space required, so sale is a must. For details or to view, Contact Anthony Flanagan (Flan) on: 07710043636 No Sensible offer refused.
  6. Bump!! Will listen to all sensible offers!
  7. Tyresport!! You told me it was a secret how they were held together!! Now its not a secret!!!!
  8. FLAN 133


    Well Maybe i can answer this question, as i do the BSCDA Website. I am a member of the BSCDA Committee, and one (Amongst others) of my jobs is to TRY, and keep the website up to date. Which i am sure will not be quick enough for some people! But there are lots of reasons the BSCDA Website is not updated on a regular basis. The BSCDA has a membership that get monthly newsletters, which contains lots of the information that drivers require, with Gradings, points etc. These are all paid up members of an association. So it is the policy of the BSCDA that the drivers and other members get the information there association is to issue before we put this on the internet. As for the World Final result not being on, i could not do this from the infield at Ipswich. And i was dealing with my own car on Sunday. Hopefully tonight i will get some spare time to update the site! As i have said previously stated, this is for me, as it is for all the BSCDA a hobby, and we do have other things to do! We try our best to Promote the Sport (Which is our Hobby) and after the last few weeks, we need to catch up on work!! If anyone else has any problems with our website? I am at most meetings!! See me there or PM with your complaints! Anthony Flanagan (133)
  9. I would urge anybody who cares about Oval motorsport in the UK to sign this now. Being heavily involved with the noise issue at the minute, i would ask everyone to tell there friends and family to sign this too. We are working hard to get noise levels down, but signing this would help. Many Thanks Anthony Flanagan (Flan 133)
  10. Speedy I am in India at the Minute, working away in 43 Deg C Heat. But don't forget you got me booked in for this week!!!! Cheers Pal Flan 133
  11. FLAN 133

    R Factor

    Paul I think we need to find you a few more live action events to take part in over the next 7 weeks!!! You obviously have to much time on your hands mate?!?!
  12. FLAN 133

    Ken Chapman

    R.I.P Ken. I had the Pleasure of having Ken as a Neighbour for a few years, and he was also a regular in my local pub. Often telling me how Stock car racing was better in his day! There is an empty space in our local now!! Am sure he will be propping up the big bar now!
  13. I am burning the midnight oil!! To have the new 133 Car out there!! So if anyone is clicking there heels and wants to give me a lift!! Feel free!! Neil and Paul, no need to worry!! I wont beat either of you!!
  14. FLAN 133

    stu smith snr

    Old Man Smith, did race one of Peters cars. But that was at the Old Belle Vue. And Peter Raced the Smithy Transflash car at Coventry!
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