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  1. 100 metres of railway track , plus points for sale ?? like new ,, will scrap if no one interested . please phone james 07825134411
  2. w10jps

    crash hat rules

    nigel , thanks for all your help , regards james
  3. w10jps

    crash hat rules

    thanks nigel , i have a TLD se3 . dot snell ce 22.05 , OK ?
  4. w10jps

    crash hat rules

    could someone tell me the crash hat rule . ie what numbers / stickers are required . thanks james
  5. wanted , reins and crash hat .... must be in good condition . please phone james 07825134411
  6. dont know who 327 is ??? next you'll be saying who's 293 !!!
  7. josh pelky usa 12 set quick time , what car is he in ? any pics cheers
  8. love to help fwj ... ill give it to rob 258 and hopefully he can paypal !!! ps frank never asked for this ,,, its just the fans wanting to help !!
  9. on tv tonight 8.30......what is your r/r
  10. All roads lead to Brandon ! Lots of cars and sunny too !!
  11. i was dissapointed with the track conditions .
  12. Cause thats not in the rule book. I'm guessing 2/3 rd will be format tomorrow. so you have to do a heat or the cons ( and qualify ) to make the final . GOOD
  13. any heats tomorrow ? if they have nt enough cars how about three straight races with the highest points scorer takes the win ......
  14. w10jps

    Mark Peters

    im on marks side and so should be the bscda
  15. w10jps

    Mark Peters

    do not agree ........... mark was left a ticket , so he should of got straight in !!! I'm sure what you mean is that you would have REQUESTED to see the manager. The MINION that you refer to is simply doing his job. If he is employed by Incarace there is a possibility that he also works as car park security at Birmingham Wheels, something which many people were shouting for prior to the semi final. I am sure he would love to look after your car if he saw the way you referred to him on here. Try thinking before you type.
  16. w10jps

    Is he ?

    we all know andrew has retired !!!! BUT................... having just seen how much his signed panel made on ebay its made me realise how popular he was , if he did race on sat i believe there would be a bigger crowd ? surely its the promoters job to get him there ???
  17. another soap opera Nothing to stop said drivers coming out of retirement/taking out a new licence just for the semi's They have earnt there place and they can can take it if they want to
  18. why would brisca want to put retired / unlicenced drivers in the offical semi grid ???
  19. brill meeting ( bit drawn out , thought they would have to cancel GN ) loads of gr8 drivers , but for me it was 515 is frank back ? any one know the rules on corner cutting ???
  20. mini stock wheels and tyres for sale please ring james 07825134411
  21. w10jps

    Bev Greenhalf

    Bev , get well soon .
  22. gr8 meeting , frank is back! rr 9 dotd rob 258 , excellent third in his heat , and leading the final by a country mile untill back marker 106 turned into him ......
  23. race fans its up to you , work ,shopping or sleepin on the sofa ! i dont fancy that !! im supporting brisca f1 !
  24. makes me smile ..... no racin for months , steve puts a race on at the best track in perfect weather , and fans have to work ! i hope he gets a decent crowd .......
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