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  1. I don't think there's any debate to be had about whether Tom was holding Lee up? I'd say the question is "why"?!
  2. Someone managed to capture it on video... Seriously though, seen a video of the 84/217 nonsense today, and don't really know what to make of it? "that's stock car racing", or "that's a bit pathetic"?
  3. Lots of people with chairs being turned away, and being told "the rule's been on the website for weeks". And I thought I'd been religiously reading the Buxton updates!
  4. Not a bad evening, again went on a bit for me, ended up missing the GN as the kids were literally falling asleep by 10.30. Big crowd in, and some decent racing from the supports, thought the 180/391 battle in the early laps of the minis was fantastic. V8 final was excellent, and 55 was flying until the yellows and then I suspect he had car trouble as the blues started re-passing him? F1s were very, very quick, but not huge amounts of incident. Loved watching 150 flying in both heat and final, couldn't take my eyes off him. Well played "our" Nigel 45 - well deserved - that was quick! RR 7 DotD - 45
  5. Never really got going for me I'm afraid, can't remember any real incidents of note other than 73 putting the struggling kiwi in the fence. Even 53's qualification was fairly uneventful as the opposition melted away before him, also I was convinced 94 had won the final (stood on turn 3). DoD to 53 for his Consi 2nd & GN win. RR 3
  6. Gary

    Bell vue chat

    Mr Rees, if you're reading this, I love Stoke. 😉
  7. I prefer shale and I'm not a fan of Northampton, so I almost went to the loons WF, but last night was a good night from the first race. Great driving from the shooters, and indeed the others. Reminded me why I spend Saturday nights on my own, 150 miles from home whilst my mates are drinking their wages or watching c list celebs ballroom dancing (or both!) DoD could have gone to any one of about 10 which says it all, but I'll give it to 217 for the final. DoD 217 RR 9 Sat watching the F2 outlaw world at Brampton, can't wait for tomorrow's BV
  8. I'm the one who stands on the turn 4 bend wearing swimming goggles. Many people laugh at me - believe me, I'm wetting myself laughing at you rubbing your eyes and turning round when it gets dusty
  9. Was clear enough to me mate.
  10. Don't really see there's a great deal of falling out to be done here - but I also don't think Deane Wood has all the answers either - which is probably why the spedeworth saloons and v8s etc have gone/are about to (and I lived in Great Yarmouth for a year and witnessed the dire "racing" put on there...). Different "product". Someone earlier quite rightly said that the three points of the triangle need each other - fans, drivers, promoters. When people complain about Steve Rees putting bangers on, or his myriad of other formulas, just remember that the F1s may well not be racing at those venues without him/them. Of all the virgins I've taken to Stock Cars over the years - the vast majority have (at first) preferred the bangers. The last thing we need is a closed shop - which is why tracks like Scunthorpe or Mildenhall shouldn't be excluded (they should be offered premium dates to start with!). This of course shouldn't be to the detriment of current tracks. Am I wrong in thinking that a drivers/fans "board of control" would be looking to open up dates to, say, 4-6 a year in the SW, same in Scotland, opening dates to others etc? FWIW I think Steve Rees does a fantastic job (generally) of both hyping (marketing) - and then delivering for the average Joe - only one of which Deane Wood manages.
  11. No idea, probably not, maybe post the article?
  12. Gary

    Semis 2016

    so was mine mate but if i had unlimited cash, side-by-side shale and tar ovals, with only one car allowed, mixed meeting, would be a lot of fun....!
  13. Gary

    Semis 2016

    wheres the like button LIKE . what a great Idea And then a free for all for the rest of the meeting, race on whatever surface you like! I've often wondered why this hasn't happened (has it), but then a friend pointed out that the shale would have to be the outside track. And there aren't any of those.... And then we moved on to having the shale on the inside, and tar on the out, but allowing drivers to use either. She reckoned that the tar-cars going the "long way round" would win. Waddya reckon?
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