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  1. I have to agree with F1cc - the Speak car was less than healthy at the restart of the final it was coughing and spluttering like mad when the green went. DOD without doubt 33 Rating 7/10 - have seen better
  2. Watto

    Cov week end

    Sure that the dogs is free if you go to the stock cars on that Sunday
  3. Watto

    baby changing

    Don't panic Aub. i will be there but only for a few hours as that is the only pass out she will sign and stamp for me!!!! Will be over at thampton just before 1 hopefully in time for the start. Dont think I am trusted to be out of the house for more than 4 hours without some serious supervision!!!!! I have even made an effort an gone in the loft to find out his cosytoes as without them the pass was not being stamped! Blue race overalls ready for him and I will be by the bar! (Unless we have a last minute batting collapse or it rains!!!)
  4. Watto

    stox music

    Is this the one available vulcanman. If so well worth every penny. Although with some searching you will probably find a lot available on the net
  5. Watto

    baby changing

    Very good topic. have a 13 month old who I havent taken racing yet as changing is just one problem. Hopefully he will make his debut at northampton on Sunday! I think I did my first meeting at 9 months!
  6. Watto


    Im still sure the WF meeting had more cars in a race as I don't remember going in June to Bradford that year.
  7. Watto


    Sure I was at a Bradford (maybe World final meeting) when a race (GN?) had more than 45 cars? Come on someone must know!
  8. Watto

    Belle Vue

    I think you may find that supermarkets not only own a lot of land but they also own retail parks and industrial estates where they have no shops or ditribution depots of their own. Why? Not always to build on but they get good rent in from the people on these sites - oh and they can also secure debts against these properties plus most of these sites go up in value so as long term investments they make business sense
  9. Now what we need is an innovation here that makes it quick and easy to put a fence up - I know it used to be done I think years ago before speedway had inflatable fences. If someone came up with this innovation then surely we could look at using the likes of Ipswich or Arena where the shale track is inside the hard stuff. Even better then could have double header meetings. PM tarmac - late afternoon BBQ and entertainment whilst fence erected. Evening meeting on shale. Whoops have drifted of into Waz's fantasy world.
  10. Not sure if this is posted elsewhere so sorry if t is but good news:- (Copy of email) Following some concerns over capacity issues at the Norfolk Arena for the BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Final on September 22nd, Trackstar have taken steps to provide an additional two stands which combined will provide over an additional 2000 seats with an exemplary view at the world final meeting. The existing stand at the Norfolk Arena holds over 400 people and was sold out within hours of going on sale. The addition of the new seating which will be brought in for the sports premier event will see the total amount of seating capacity exceed 2500 which compares favourably to the seating capacity provided by other venues - Coventry for example has just over 1500 seats. The new grandstands will be situated next to the current hospitality suites and will be located on turn 4 which will give a fantastic view of all of the unfolding action. The total number of seats being brought in will depend on the demand and will vary between 1000 and over 2000 and the size of the grandstand will be determined by the amount of tickets purchased in advance from fans. Patrons wanting to be guaranteed a seat are advised to purchase their seats in advance. The stands themselves will not be covered and are similar to those used at the Northampton World Final. The cost to trackstar to bring the additional seating into the Arena is in excess of £11 per seat. However, the promotion are subsiding these seats and they are available to the public for £28 per seat (General admission £22). There are no discounts for concessions. People who have already purchased general admission tickets and wish to upgrade to one of the grandstands may do so and should contact Trackstar for more details. Seats can be purchased at and King's Lynn Trackstar event. They are also available to be bought through the Web link on the front page, by ringing the Trackstar office on 01553 6305057 or ticket agents See on 0871 2300 010. Promoter Paul Butler commented "We have many exciting plans for the 2007 World Final at King's Lynn and concerns expressed by some with regard to parking, catering, congestion etc have all been addressed and we are confident that fans who come to Lynn for the World will have a great time. The racing at the Norfolk Arena is always unpreicatable and I think we are looking at one of the most open World Final for years! The provision of this subsidised grandstand yet again increases the capacity at the venue and it would be great if some of those on the Internet forums were prepared to judge us after the event rather than before!!" A dedicated World Final page will appear on the Trackstar Web Site from next Monday with the latest news compliments of: Norfolk ArenaSaddlebow RoadKing's LynnPE34 3AG Tel: 01553 771111 NorfolkOvalWorldFinal
  11. Some great bits of info guys. Thanks so far and keep it coming!
  12. Ken B - not the same Watto - must be another one of us out there somewhere!!!
  13. Cheers guinchy. Thats a great insight - more of the same would be great.
  14. Multipart question 1. Who was the first person to convert a bus to carry a stockcar? 2. Why were buses choosen over say converting a truck? 3. Has anybody got any photos of conversions taking place as I would be interested in knowing how they went about it and the considerations they had back then compared with the super transporters of today
  15. Waz, Thanks for your comments on my photo. Any well done all - some great shots and great memories. Its amzaing what you can remember when you see a picture of an event or moment captured as some on this thread have been. Would love to see a picture of Stevie (Think) Hodgson on the top of the fence just before Boston shut. Watto
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