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    If memory serves me right didn't the corners of the pitch used to get taken up for race meetings?
  2. Well I will be honest, I am one of the few who read here almost daily, but rarely post here in case I get shot down in flames but this thread seems to be a bit more open to general discussion and input, so even bearing in mind one of my grandads sayings: 'Opinions are like bum holes, everyone thinks theirs is sweetest and everyone elses stinks!' here I go! To give you an idea of where I come from, I am 43 years old, I grew up travelling all over the country watching F1's, according to my late parents I first attended meetings during the summer of '73 in the womb and would kick the *ahem* out of my mum when the engines surged at the drop of the green lol My Dad was friends with ex 446 Roy Hart of the Harris camp. We had a brief hiatus when I started BMX racing at 11 til I was around 15, I passed my driving test in feb '92 and as soon as the first Sat in april came round was back at Coventry and was soon watching regularly again until late 90's when my first son was born and cash became tight and was required elsewhere. Sporadic attendances during the early/mid 2000's usually at Brafield or Coventry. Been with my wife for nearly 6 years and been aiming to get to a meeting but costs have been prohibitive, fingers crossed in 2018 we WILL make it to a meeting. In my view one of the biggest things you can do is involve the audience (fans) more and the young ones in particular, I know some feel FB & social media is harming the sport, why not harness it and use it to better effect. One thing I would put forward is a Kids club, could be as simple as a website, not looking to be derogitory (however it's spelled) but written in simpler terms youngsters can understand and use it in ways that can draw them to the sport and feel more involved and nag their parent/s into bring them along to a meeting. Maybe something along the lines of the fans tyre fund, you (on their behalf) buy a ticket and then there is a draw and they get the opportunity to present it to their favourite driver at meeting X. Say a tyre for arguments sake is £100, you sell 500 tickets at £1 and give 5 tyres away, make it perhaps a monthly thing, not looking to make money from it just a way of drawing the kids in. Perhaps competitions for say a cap or hoody signed by a driver or even a poster or a ticket to a meeting for the child (paying parents!) or if they are young enough for free entry a ticket for an adult) Driver interviews etc etc. I have even thought of a name writing this "BrisKids" the logo could have the S as a slewing tyre mark or 'skid' LOL. When you think about it who are the drivers people seem to love the most? the ones with the highest level of fan interaction, let's face it 'our Nige' won our hearts with a 'warts n all' view of racing from his blogs and answering people on here......... audience involvement/interaction! Like others have said I think there has to be more clarity from BriSCA, updates of infringements and bans etc. More of an open shop along the lines of F2 so people know whats going on and IMO less likely to make negative posts on the internet bring a bad view of the sport. One thing I will say is I fully agree with Rob Speak, I have never been a fan of his but what he said makes a lot of sense, if you want to be able to promote the sport to a wider audience you need to provide them with a nice place to visit so they want to return! My wife has a medical condition that means she will need to use the toilets while at a track, if they are dire she will not want to return! Perhaps as others have said we would be better having 6 or 8 tracks, make them the best they can be so people want to go there not just for the racing but because it's a pleasant place to be! I went to Santa Pod and was shocked how good the facilities were, lots of regularly cleaned toilets, a wide choice of food outlets, safe parking & good viewing areas. I would happily return, and that was a big meeting and £40 for the day! Maybe if we reduce the number of tracks to a regular 'core' then promoters can invest more as they know they can get more in return. But then if we are going to make it worth a visit make it a show! People have said how Mr Green signing and giving out posters at KL was great, why not make it a regular thing with different drivers, bribe them with a free tyre if you have to, or something like on monster jam where before the event they have the cars and drivers lined up for pics and autographs etc. INVOLVE the audience, enter your name for the chance to present a trophy at the NEXT meeting, (which will be drawn at during the pre meeting entertainment) to get people coming back or even at the fireworks meeting to press a button to start the show. There must be a reason (and not just costs) why people would rather watch at home than go to a meeting and see it live, found out what and do the most you can and draw them back. It's no use being like a certain WWE wrestler, performing the same moves every match then standing there and shouting 'Are you not entertained?'. That's not directed at any particular promoter, just an overall observation. In fact I commend JH for the fact he is willing to discuss things with the fans, like him or not but it's obvious he is passionate about stock cars just like us fans. BUT we also need to look at the cars, I think the costs are spiralling and something needs to be done, what I dont know, I do know I think the OSR tyre looks (IMO) stupidly wide these days, I think tyres are possibly one of the the ways to combat things, if you reduce the amount of usable grip then too much engine power is useless anyway and engine costs will reduce accordingly? if we went to a single manufacturer for all 4 tyres maybe 1 for shale 1 for tar, and you have to use the same size on all 4 corners? I have no doubt if you went to a supplier and said we need X amount of tar and x amount of shale the cost would come down especially if it is one size only. I do have some other ideas but that will do for now, time to go and hide in the corner!
  3. I will look into it, as I have spoken to the guy who did all the work about it as he is a friend of mine, and he is willing for it to stay up and I am going to get it rehosted with the people that do my gaming/business websites, will update when I know more
  4. Jonnyboy273

    Sad news

    Very very sad news, one of the true legends of our sport RIP Oggy
  5. Jonnyboy273

    BriSCA F1 Stox

    If nothing else happens I have discussed with Paul and have his blessing that if nothing else, I will get it hosted with the company i use for several websites, it wont get updated as I dont have the time, but all Pauls hard work and the wealth of information on there will not be lost
  6. missed this last week, hopefully I can join in Q1: 445,84,150 Q2: C Q3: 298,222,498,288 Q4: B
  7. Cheers for trying, unfortunately ideally i need a direct overhead shot showing tracks when they were still there in use (not being raced on but there if that makes sense?)
  8. Jonnyboy273

    Help request

    Hi peeps, Dont post here very often but after a bit of help if possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a decent aerial photo of aycliffe and/or hartlepool tracks please?
  9. Jonnyboy273

    At Last!

    Hi Nigel, you say all ready to swap back at end of season, what will you do if you prefer the small block in shale car? big lock in tar car or a small block for tar car? I may have opened a can of worms there lol
  10. hmmmmm as it has a mean 'stalking' type stance.... " The Pikey Prowler"
  11. as seen on the pic below http://photos.stoxnet.com/displayimage.php?pid=61472&fullsize=1
  12. Could that be the reason I have noticed some diff covers have a extra portion welded on to hold more ?
  13. Hmmm does seem an odd rule change, haven't seen or heard of rims coming away from the centres, or is that just something I have missed?
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