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  1. From Holland: thank you, Jonathan and the team, for the great interviews. Now my all time favorit John Lund. Maybe some Dutch drivers in the future ?
  2. 1975 World Final Scota at Wimbledon. I thought someone named Driscoll had won. What I do remember is that in the supporting program a Ford Escort Hot Rod drove sponsored by Status Quo
  3. Old man


    News for motorsport in the Netherlands. The government has banned all events until September 1, so racing is not allowed.
  4. Procedure 2012 can be updated to circumstances 2018 ?
  5. A lot of dutch fans like me are not going because of the chairs saga.
  6. In Holland all the meetings in Blauwhuis, Emmen and a few St. Maarten.(every time 600 km round) On tarmac only the main races. It is bored quickly. And 3 to 4 times a year meetings in the UK.
  7. DotD B197 Jordy Lemmens. Q for the final first time driving in the UK. RR 8 Dangerous in the car park without lighting.
  8. The Gold car #53 John Lund
  9. There are a lot of crowd too
  10. Great F1 and F2 racing. Dutch vote: DOTD: UK2 Paul Harrison (like old times) R/R: 9/10
  11. Hi we are the lovely Dutch couple who was sitting in the bar at Premier In with a very lovely and nice English couple. Yes we are interested how Geoff is doing hopefully very good. Much love from the Cotswold
  12. No drivers info for Kings Lynn 2 september ? Strange.
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