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    If its the car at the front I think it's John Hillam 229 taking the "inside" line. Superstu is a couple of cars behind holding a tight line
  2. Dod 175 For stopping to protect rolled over 244 with cab facing traffic. Right decision by the steward too letting him take his place on the restart. Rr 8 too much dust.
  3. I'm going to cov looking forward to it, only our second meeting of the season.
  4. This is sad news. I remember Anthony winning the superstox world final at Cleethorpes in the 80s. He won from pole flag to flag over 40 laps. I worked there and I and the other member of pit gate crew painted Anthony's roof gold on the finish line straight after the race. We shared a couple of beers at the presentation evening on the sunday night. Good times nice people. Thoughts are with the family.
  5. Hello I pass Nigel's farm and wondered if he will be racing this season. Does anyone have any idea as to whether he is or not?
  6. Hello, Thanks for your reply Peaky, whilst it may not surprise you,at the time it was a big shock as previously the speedway world final had only been held at Wembley but due to the FA it had to move from there. Bradford council put £1M of investment in to get the event. There had been no speedway at Odsal since circa 1975/6.
  7. Hello depends what type you mean. The first to use the sprint car type now seen on majority of cars in various guises be it shale or tar was Stu Smith in 1979 on the bread tray special in hertz colours.. The smaller type similar to seen now on superstox was I believe first used by John Hillam sometime in the 70s, I think he had them when i first started watching in 1976......... Now that makes me feel old. ttfn
  8. That clip is great. Some great footage How do you download the clip to facebook?
  9. I think Pursey was first lap too. It was the first restart in a world final.
  10. Proving yet again, that Coventry is the place people want to race and watch at. Simply the best. Jeremy, keep up the great work.
  11. Brian Powles 154 off the bumper/ bonnet of 260 in the 80s at the old belle vue in the 80s. that was high from where i was it looked like he had gone as high as the stand roof. I think Ray Liddy got some pictures and they were in the stock car pictorila or something. Sundays looks to have been big too.
  12. DOTD Peter Falding, dominated the final and won even with three stoppages after he took the lead. 318, an irrelevance in the final he did not prevent anyone getting at Falding as he drove away from them. The donuts were great. R/R 10/10 great action from the off, Dave Willis hit on the star train in the final absolutely fantastic. My first meeting in 4 years, took my almost 8 year old for his first time, He LOVED IT. The dust was as expected given the weather and i have seen it worse than that. Why could they not just get the drivers out of the cars and leave them there I dont know. Glad I chose this one to go to.
  13. Lofty, fantastic story and great inspirational leadership.
  14. Hi I've not been for a few years and intend to go to this with my 7 year old son (his first time). Is food no longer allowed to be taken into Coventry anymore. I'm not wanting to open a debate on the whys and wherefors just want to know. What time will the gates open and any idea on anticipated finish time. Looks like it will be a great meeting.
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