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  1. A sad day. Was at the first - it snowed, and at the last - where it didnt ! The end of Stoke is perhaps the end of an era/phase in the history of (UK) BriSCA F1, not sure I like where its going though ? time will tell. Think Stoke got a raw deal from BriSCA (dates) & the BSCDA (driver support) but also, at times, the Drivers got a raw deal from Stoke ! Ironically the track was in the best shape i've seen it for a while. Whatever, the combination gave rise to superb old school racing the likes of which we may never see again. Stoke served up some cracking action under the candlepower lights, especially in the post & rope era, and drivers had to work for their start/prize money. Conversely Stoke, sadly, was the venue for the most disgraceful on track act I have ever witnessed on an oval track, but hey lets focus on the good times! Racing Rating: Thought it was a great meeting and a fitting send off. No meeting is ever perfect, always room for some improvement no matter how small, so its a rating of 9.9 from me - if admin wish to round it up that will do for me ! Driver of the Day: Lots of candidates: 166 for the obvious (why cant more challenge the car in front ?), 416 for making his 2019 debut in November !, 212 showing when he has confidence/is interested he can put it about. But i'm going for a driver in a borrowed, less than state of the art car who made the effort to attend and made life difficult for at least 2 of the 'shoot out superstars' - Jason Eaton 448.
  2. One of the better F1 offerings of this year, yet KL continues to annoy...……….. Great turnout of F1s and Saloons, F1s and Saloons a good mix (not sure about V8s *) and hard competitive racing. Good programme even if its printed on cardboard. No prob with 445 - that's racing, though blatant 21 team racing was naughty (0f course trust any injury is not too bad). Shocking meeting format, started late from advertised time and meeting took too long (again) at 5 hours, understand the track watering but why multiple restart rolling laps?, annoying commentator who talked for the full 5 hours, ('Interviews' at the end of each race, after the victory lap, during yellows and most annoyingly interviewing the winner on his victory lap (winner should be acknowledging the cheers/'abuse' from the crowd)). Saloons - big race was poor (no ones fault) 2 other races superb, deserved another race, 'meeting final' or whatever. *V8s - poor turnout (after WF last week maybe) racing OK , yes 4 'rollovers' (or rather ride the fence and tip over - is that a rollover ? suppose it is) in one race, I like action but really didn't want any more to 'rollover', had enough of seeing that crane thingy ! ! RR 8 (drivers great - organisation poor) exact opposite of Sheffield the day after. DOTD 84/1/12 (depending where you look on the car) Rob Speak
  3. Not keen on the start time, and as JB says not good for those on public transport etc etc. No excuse to say its ok because NIR starts at 12. Think the 'crowd' arrival time said it all, 15 mins before start hardly anyone there ! Credit to the promoter for re arranging though. Thought the 2 formula thing was about right, would have preferred f2s but not enough due to re-arrangement so OK. Whilst a lot of drivers worked late after KL, mainly 'top' drivers ?, and yes KL was action packed meeting, still thought the lower grade non attendees let the public & promoter down, incl some very predictable no shows ! Credit to those that did attend though and should have run the W+Y race even if only a few cars. Typical Sheffield, fast and slick with a few 'accidents', fence mended swiftly. Needed a sprinkle of water for the GN. RR 6 DOTD 275
  4. Melvyn K

    2019 Fixture list

    Dont worry Graham...... I'm sure Kings Lynn will be reducing the World Final Day admission prices to reflect the 'loss' of the Cons (sic) Semi Final....
  5. Despite it being a SO Round, thought the meeting had a bit of a 'end of season' low key feel to it. Recent events obviously played a part with that, but it needed a few more cars and just shows how we miss those unable or unwilling to race at Stoke, (Sheffield) etc. Honourable mention to young Mr Gilbank, chose Stoke for his F1 debut, cant fault that ! That said those that were there did provide some 'usual' excellent Stoke action, close racing, rollovers etc. Thought the earlier races were better than the latter. From first sight of the booking list it looked to have 515 written all over it and after a few laps into the Final and with others self destructing so it proved. Not 515's fault - you can only race whoever is there. Thought the V8 'whatever they called these days' and the Minis were good value. Excellent programme. Also liked the commentator, not rambling on all night or telling us every race was fantastic (KL commentator take note), seemed to have a sense of humour too ! Standout moment was 308 once again not giving up and mounting a last bend challenge to a SO driver......he clearly hadn't read the BSCDA script ! ....if only others would do the same ????? Areas for improvement ? - Not too many to add to the above - The track lights must be the worst of any evening track we have, maybe the infield ever present 'mammoth tractor' personnel could be more responsive, and wasnt too keen to watch track prep with nothing else happening but to be fair the racing strip was best ive seen at Stoke for some time. Racing Rating 7 Driver of the Day 308
  6. OK folks, sit back and enjoy ! I gave KL a bit of a kicking after the last (F1) meeting, so its good to report many positives this time. Just shows how many things you need to 'click' to get a good meeting : car turnouts, support formulae, drivers 'up for it', anticipation & atmosphere, meeting format, weather, track watering just right (needs much more shale/dirt/clay though) plus the special bonus (53), they all seemed to come together for this one ! F1 wise, a great end of season car turnout, NL visitors (again) , some superb standout moments, drivers punching above their weight, could have done with a further challenge to 515 in the final (just imagine if we had 4,150, H955 etc in that final too !) but overall a great F1 meeting. F2s, superb, the best formulae of the night, another great turnout, packed grids, action packed racing (excepting the shooters lack of challenge to the leader). Minis - OK. Wouldnt be me though if I didnt highlight any 'areas for improvement' - - PA system inaudiable in half the seated grandstand (the half nearest the starter) need sorting before the F1WF especially given the anticipated ticket prices. - Not sure why a chap(s) has to check each car at the pit gate before it enters the 'arena' ? Seems to take an age and the anorak in me just had to note the cars stationary time ! (Say 5 seconds per car x 25 cars per race x 15 races ... you do the maths !). If you must check, find another way without blocking the pit gate and save the extra few minutes to get people off home ! - Seemed chaotic having the F2s scrutineered on the centre up to and beyond the start time, somehow seemed a little 'off putting' for the first couple of races ?. Again organisation needs sorting if the WF meeting(s) have high F1 car turnouts. Race Rating: 9 (Taken in season long context) F1 Driver of the Day: someone who was 'only' 5th in the consolation, gave his all in his first shale meeting (?), qualified for the final and rolled over too ! Chris Brown 30
  7. Lets get some perspective on this guys :- Good to see two Netherlands F1 competitors. Good programme, not sure why its printed on cardboard though ! F1s arguably the poorest formulae of the night, few 'standout moments' (accepting 345). Is it the cars, the track or the 'drivers attitude' (probably a combination of the three) - just seemed something missing ? Trackstar need to be careful with their 'Internet Hype' ----- not sure this meeting lived up to it ? Racing Rating (F1s) - 5 DOTD - Obvious who will win, but I'm going with the guy who travelled the furthest, gave his all in 4 (?) races, started from the front in a less than state of the art car and all when he 'possibly' (!) could have stayed in the Netherlands and chanced racing at a 'field' meeting 1 1/4 hours from his home. (Yes I know what happened, he must have had 'inside information' !) Arjan Ligthart (H112)
  8. I can only urge all 6 (Ooooops 5) ! BriSCA Promoters and all BDCDA Committee men to read Tony O post above, then read it again, then action plan some/similar points. 100% common sence Tony.
  9. An excellent weekend, well organised*, enthusiastic drivers and spectators, track kept in reasonable shape, great weather, the 'fun factor' and as always a great welcome from the NL/Texel 'locals'. Some superb racing from most of the formulae, race of the weekend has to be the Vrije Standard Finale (Sun) - a spectacular rollover, 3 cars racing for the line and a spinning lap down car also in the mix !. F1 wise, a great car turnout from Texel, NL'Overseas' (!) and UK 'Overseas'. Some stunning cars in NL nowadays but some serously undergraded drivers. Lots of clashes, crashes, ditches and just one (?) rollover for the F1s over the weekend. In the Finale with 226 starting (just) in front of 955, V D Lest was always gonna be the man to beat. Track was underwatered (despite a quick watering during a caution) and was always going to favour the locals that way, it slicked off (like KL does) and very few caught the car infront after that....save for the last bender on an excellent 618 by 226 ! NL racing dosnt seem to produce too many 'last benders' but this time we had one for the biggest race of the weekend. Certainly had the track prep sorted, 2 large machines one quickly working each bend between each race with a water bowser didnt seem to slow things up, NIR take note please. Excellent, especially given that the water was, I think, tankered (boated) from the mainland. Some 'interesting' additions to the centre green ! (photo if I can learn how to post it) along with lots of machinery. Worth noting that at 20 Euros for the weekend (up from 15 last year) it was still excellent VFM and that they now have two 'grandstands' (free of charge UK promoters take note !) most welcome given that with a big crowd decent viewing can be challenging. Would be nice for a little UK commentary/results but maybe i'm falling into the UK trait of expecting others to accomodate us !. *Was a little drawn out on the Sat and never sure whether these meetings are 2 meetings over 2 days, or 1 meeting over 2 days. With a rather strangely titled semi final race at the end of Sat. For sure I think F1s should have had 3 not just 2 races each on the Saturday, (stand corrected on this) was a long day for just 2 races per F1 car. Overall another great weekend, well done to all. Racing rating: Sat 8, Sun 9 DOTD(s) 226
  10. LONG EATON.......Just for clarity: The Long Eaton 'dust debacle' was 14th June 1975. Started with a 'star sprint' 13 red tops, won by Dave Fox 318. Heat 1 ran in a duststorm with 20 starters, won by Mick Noden 306. Heat 2 started with 23 cars and was abandoned when (according to a local newspaper report) 'Pete Doran smashed into the fence'. I cant remember that, maybe I couldnt see ! A fire was lit on the centre green, the fire brigade called to extinguish the fire, presumably in the vain hope that they would fully water the track!....They didnt !! A series of match races then took place,with Fred Skinner 'winning'. That was your lot ! The local newspaper headline was ' Stock car meeting bites the dust' and states 'Admission to the next meeting will be reduced, to make up for the short programme'. Cant remember if any reduction took place, if it did it would probably have been a 'very small' reduction. In the next meeting programme (11th July 1975) the promoter states '..... as the afternoon drew to a close it became apparent that failing water pressure which had never been a problem in the recent past was not going to be sufficient to get our track into shape'. In other words the promoter took our admission money knowing full well of potential problems .....THAT was the thing that I cannot forgive the promotor for. Somewhat different circumstances to Northampton...............
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    Agm !

    By all means try the 'lining up' idea but Holland tracks (and certainly most in NZ for that matter) have more space for 'dummy grids' than most/all? UK F1 tracks. ( Though the CO managed it as per programme 'back in the day') Agree it would be more professional IF it didnt cause a delay, but think we are proposing a sledgehammer to crack at nut here as I really dont think its a big issue in the heats/cons/gn...........just keep it simple and keep it for the final only. Probably more pressing issues to address at the moment ! I'll (maybe) be watching with my stopwatch !!!!!
  12. Melvyn K

    Agm !

    As Carl says above :- 'for me the bottom line is this: - As someone who pays to get into meetings (and without me and the thousands/hundreds/dozens/handful like me the sport would be pretty different), my main/only concern is that the racing is exciting and entertaining. As long as that is the case, then I honestly could not care less how wide the back axles are, how much the tyres cost, or anything else.' As a paying spectator I fully agree with what Carl is saying above and would just add 'and provides value for money' such that we wish to attend more (UK) meetings. I'm actually equally concerned that I read somewhere that the BSCDA proposed at the AGM that ALL races 'line up like finals' (i.e. in grading list order within grades) to stop 'pit lane racing' ???. Fair enough for FINALS ONLY but it will only lead to more 'faffing around' before every race and on any red flag complete restarts (even with raceivers) ....do the BSCDA think we want to watch a 'car shuffle' before EVERY race ???. (I know its only 'a couple of minutes per race' but with the meeting lengths nowadays every minute saved = happy(er) spectators !) If any promoters read this maybe they can note a spectators view and veto this proposal at BriSCA/BMB level.
  13. An unexpected visit to KL as a result of winning tickets in a competition - thanks Trackstar Pleasing to see some improvements esp the new 'big' screen - would be great if 'live' race positions via transponders were displayed (seen it done at NL field tracks so can be done). For the next improvement - the open stand desperately needs a roof on (planning permitting that is) and its difficult to hear speakers in the stand. F1s - Reasonable numbers boosted by 7 from NL (despite a dirt meeting over there on the same day - shows they are experiencing 'issues' too). Sadly the racing action, whilst fast, didn't match the numbers, (yes I know we had rollovers) really should have been more action in the Final & GN given the car numbers. SSJ a cut above other UK drivers in all areas especially the desire to win. Saloons - Saved the meeting, good turnout, great action, shocking starts, scruffy cars (consequence of action/season end etc) but we really need to read the car numbers !. V8s - As good a racing as the F1s ?.....but ...... (see later) ** Main areas for improvement :- - The meeting length, 5 hours is waaaaaaay too long on a nice summers evening let alone this time of year, not an organisation problem (although could see a few areas where they could speed up) - just too many races/formulae. Should have been F1s and Saloons only. - Track was too slick, the pile of dirt/shale on the centre needed to be on track. But think they got the track watering just about right. - The 'man on the roving mike' asked 'winners' too many inane questions - in fact too many questions/rambling full stop ! - Race starts - saloons shocking, F1s not much better (especially on restarts) The steward/starter need to ask themselves whos in control ? themselves or the drivers ?? Race Rating - based on F1s - 7 (just !) Driver of the Day - Gert Jan Klok H152 Great places in the Cons & GN and ruffled a few UK drivers too (looking forward to see if/when H152 & GB220 meet again !). ** V8s - Really don't 'get' this formula, reasonable turnout and racing but folks don't 'warm' to it ? Think it needs a USP as its too close to F1s, cars appear similar, paint jobs similar, even the noise is similar ! Perhaps ditch the roof wing for a 'Superstox' type to visually differentiate from F1s ? And certainly some drivers/teams should be in F1 anyway.
  14. Whilst I view the promoters 'offer' with some scepticism, I will run with it (for now) !. My views do, however, come with a caveat*, see later. I consider the 'supporters/fans' representatives should be just that i.e. fans you see on (or from!) the terraces and should not have any (or very little) links with current or immediate past drivers, associations or promoters. A spread of 'new' and 'older' fans would help broaden the viewpoint and I don't think an ex driver need necessarily be one of the 'chosen 3', but see caveat* later. I think the following 'Stoxnetters' fit the bill and would wish these guys to consider applying for the 'role' :- In no particular order: John B Riggerman Matt Taylor Colin Casserley Daniel S If they all 'apply' and it comes to a vote I'm not sure which 3 I would choose !, so maybe a brief 100 word 'ish statement from the applicants that choose to apply would be helpful ? When the 3 reps are chosen I would like to see a way that other fans can convey their views to them, in private or public as it suits. Caveat* - Since I have 'ruled out' current/recent drivers as 'fans' reps, I do think the BSCDA has a major role to play in this discussion. I accept that the current BSCDA Chair is said to be involved but would be keen to see a wider BSCDA representation, involvement and to take responsibility, as without doubt some of the forums views will include car specs/costs/presentation, driver costs to promoters etc, after all they are presiding over an (apparent) dwindling number of F1 drivers.
  15. ADDENDUM - TEXEL WEEKEND - A BALANCED VIEW FROM A PAYING SPECTATOR I am pleased to supply the following addendum. It appears that I was miss-informed, as I have been contacted by UK 25 Bradley Harrison who tells me that he did not race in the 'A' final due to damage to the O/S/R hub. Seems reasonable enough to me !
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