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  1. Nigel Whalley Cheshire Jay Jones Lancs
  2. Vicki

    198 Nigel Whalley

    Keep reading your programmes this month and you'll see him listed very soon.
  3. Dotd: 463 For a fantastic final drive to the chequered flag - great to watch. RR: 8 /10 (Almost as much action off track as on it from where we were parked (next to Scott Davids transporter lol!)
  4. Give Nige a ring on 0774 501 7741. He's authorised to sell it on Jason's behalf and has had a few offers, if you beat them it could be yours!
  5. On behalf of Jason Jones (228): The Ex "F1 477 Mark Brightmore Car" New in approx 2001/02 Peter Knight built big block engine Triple plate clutch Doug Nash gearbox Coil suspension all round Triple link rear suspension Taylor wing 2 sets of wheels and various spares If you are interested and would like more details, please phone Nigel Whalley (198) on 0774 501 7741
  6. Please delete 198 Nigel Whalley from the list. He hasn't booked in and isn't racing this weekend. More rollcage damage from sheff!lol! Thanks
  7. Wow! An action packed meeting with thrill, spills and lots of fantastic sunshine! Took my Dad to this meeting and as he's on crutches I parked the car in the back straight spectator area, set the deckchairs up, got the picnic and programme out and thought to myself....."never mind most of the action will be on the corners but at least we're viewing from a safe place here"! lol! Viewing Lundy and Spencer's crash was bad enough but then watching Matt Newson bombing along the fence posts towards us was one moment I'll never forget and I'm sure he won't either! It was a white knuckle ride for Matt and a white knuckle viewing moment for us! From a purely selfish point of view I'm glad it was Matt because at least a driver with his skill could keep the car on the trackside of the fence. Finally we decided to retreat to the safety of my car parked on the back straight and watch the Grand National from there..........minutes later Mr Finnikin came scuttling along the fence in front of us. Deciding that our nine lives could now be up, our courage deserted us at this point and we left for a hot sweet cup of tea at home! DOTD: 16 for staying trackside! (Honourable mentions to 459,37,391,390 and the 464 hiab!) R/R 10/10 Best value for money meeting this year.
  8. Vicki


    We're keeping our eyes open in Cheshire for the Van! Scrapyards are now obliged by law to keep a note of vehicle registration numbers for wagons/lorries delivering scrap metal. If anyone knows of any local scrap metal merchants in the Yorkshire area please ask them to keep an eye open for this vehicle because this load of spares is memorable due to the nature of the sport. Really hope you get some better news soon.
  9. Yeah, Nige has been just a couple of times during the closed season, think you might spot John Riley (323) there too! I agree a handicap system should be introduced for Messrs Whalley and Jones - how about a blindfold! lol! and no I'm not bitter about being in two heats with Nige and Jay on Saturday! Could have been worse - could have been in a heat with Davids & Rubery!
  10. Thanks from the 198 team to Lofty, Mike and Co for organising a great afternoons racing. It was good to put some faces to names and we all really enjoyed it. Richie Madcap must get the award for most action off track (in the tyre barriers). Excellent flagwork from Matthew and James, think Scott Davids needs an eyetest before next season though! (lol!) A Davids/Rubery re-match must be on the cards for next year (Hope Adam Rubery gets an F1 licence soon!)
  11. Jay and I will see to it personally Kay! lol! From (Nigel's younger sister!)
  12. A belated thanks from me to everyone for pulling the ladies race together this year and to those who've sponsored us; thought the parade, track conditions and action on track made it a great event and truely honoured John Walker who would have been thrilled to see so many ladies taking part in his memory. I had an absolute blast from start to finish - As I said to my brother afterwards, it's not the arriving (over the finish line)but how you nearly get there that matters! lol! (I can see why they all race week in week out, cos it's fantastic when you're on the track and "in the zone". It's just you and the car - you're caught in the moment and forget about everything or in my case how to get round that top bend without snaking or getting "T" boned by 515 or 84!! One of the best pics I've seen which sums the ladies race up is of Heidi and Rudi on Startrax website. Rudi's grin says it all. Well done Heidi from all at 198 team!
  13. I'm currently in negotiations with the 198 team (driver and mechanics) to borrow the car for this meeting. Unfortunately as it's a qualifying round for next year's world final, they are not very keen at the moment. (After all, how much damage and havoc can one girl cause!!!!) If a few people can approach Nige and the mechanics at Cov and say how generous it is of them to lend me the car, they can't refuse can they???!!! I'm working on them!
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