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  1. 380 fan

    Team Racing

    a total embarrassment to the sport,how can the sponsers be proud of having and paying for there names to be on a car of his the sooner the powers that be do something about it the better but know doubt it will be our fault when he puts something up on his car at the next meeting,and no doubt he will be reading this thread behind a screen,hes not man or brave enough to come on here and put his views on the reasons for his actions,the way hes carrying on somebody is going to get hurt big time i hope mal makes a bee line for him in the birm semi and puts him straight out in the armco
  2. 380 fan


    nige are you sure your engine is powerful enough?
  3. lee fairhurst 217 who's car is he going to be using? and the 2 chaos together side by side in heat 3
  4. some time ago stuart put that if his semi is on shale he will alter his car around for that,kings lynn is not exactly a heavy muddy track is it he raced his tar car at the last cov world i thought he may have borrowed his old car but with 235 in the same semi thats not going to happen wainman has got the hardest semi anybody down to row 5 can win that,but birm the winner is going to come from the first two rows,the only person in with a shout after that would be danny on row 3
  5. 380 fan

    Nigel 45

    by my reckoning(not very good) nigel bagged 36 pts last night taking him somewhere round position 30 in the charts
  6. 380 fan

    James Lund

    isn't he building a new car?
  7. 380 fan

    semi finals

    I don't think its a forgone conclusion that tom will pick birm as this season 217 has been the main rival on tar for him,and finn is more dominant on shale,so sending him to brum would be an idea the plot thickens
  8. 380 fan

    106 Stu Baker

    you know i was only thinking about that car the other day,but i couldn't remember his name only the car i think he did a couple of birm wheels meetings towards the end of last season as well
  9. i take it rob will be using your car
  10. 380 fan

    Buxton 17th June

    no nigel booked in yet on the drivers list? charlie sworder out in the minis for the 1st time so good luck to him
  11. thats the jist of things thats being banded about
  12. maybe a car swap with cash either way?
  13. nige i think buxton might be a better bet with it not being a qualifier so theres bound to be very few cars up there,so you should be able to get some serious laps in
  14. strange one this but on the way out of skeggy stadium car park on sunday there was a beautiful chevy step side pickup in blue and i couldn't get my phone out of my pocket quick enough to take a picture or two before the car park attendant waved us out lol my others halves favorite car since seeing one on wheeler dealers so did anyone on here take some? thanks very much
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