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    stockcar website

    It's understandable how so many have fallen by the wayside now, with social media it's so easy and you've an instant audience. Although there are tons more content management systems now like Wordpress which make creating a site a helluva lot simpler than it used to be too. Back in the late 90s I started with off with a 56K modem, a book about HTML, and a dodgy copy of Microsoft FrontPage. Roger's was almost certainly the first oval racing related page out there and seemed to be updated almost daily. There was no BriSCA F1 only site at the time so that's the gap I aimed to plug. Rolling Start (Dave Carter - now with Incarace?) and Opposite Lock (Nik Eastwood) were both great sites too back in the day. Very, very time consuming though and that was ultimately why I had to end my site. I think I still have some of the files on some old backups somewhere. Carl's season review book has a great potted history of stock car websites and, as Mark B says, the wayback machine is a fun way to lose an hour: https://web.archive.org/web/20030408020256/http://f1stockcars.co.uk:80/ https://web.archive.org/web/20050616014412/www.oppositelock.fsnet.co.uk/main.htm Mike Michael's F1 Stock Car Racing Pages / f1stockcars.co.uk
  2. Seems an odd decision to me. Heat 1 was really bad conditions but Ive seen just as worse (remember many a drenched November Coventry session) but race by race its been getting quicker and the final has just ran at close to full speed. I dont want to point fingers as Im not a driver and dont know what its like to drive out there and Id like to know more facts first but its crazy that there was no announcement made about it here until moments before. People around me were just as puzzled as to what was (or wasnt) happening. For various reasons I could only do two meets this year and I chose this to see a championship race. I didnt pay £25 just to see an all in final.
  3. Plenty of action, some good racing and hits from all three formula tonight. Hopefully not too much damage to affect numbers for tomorrow. A fairly easy dotd for me, he was quick all night and although probably a bit under graded at blue, to get 4th from the handicap is always impressive so it has to go to 12, Michael Scrivern. Could be a good bet for the biggie on Sunday?! Noteable mention to 259 too, he's got that tar car going well now and must be a favourite for the euro now. Shame to see 53 still off the pace so much, although he looked slightly less slow in the GN. Useless 'fact' of the day (not certain on this mind, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) - the Peter Hobbs car is an ex 97 tar car and the car Matt Newson is using is an old Ray Witts elite (I think). Both of which debuted at the same meeting, the 2001 world final at Hednesford, making them a good 12 years old and still fairly quick. DOTD 12 RR 8
  4. Question answered, cheers all. Thought it looked a bit different to a normal F1. Tiff was certainly describing it like it was a BriSCA F1 in terms of engine specs etc, and even called it such. Not seen the Spedeworth V8s for many years. They've grown up a fair bit from their younger siblings, the hotstox.
  5. Whilst at Top Gear Live yesterday part of the track show was a series of match races with German driver Sabine Schmitz driving different cars against another car and driver. To my surprise, the last car pitched against her was an F1 stock car! The stock car won when up against Sabine in a Merc, but I had no idea who's car it was, and it's bugging me cos I still don't! The number and sign writing is nothing I recognise (maybe non-BriSCA?!) and its on Hoosiers although it could just be using them for more grip on the slippy hall floor. So over to you anoraks... who is this??
  6. Really enjoyed it. I subscribed in time for Coventry last week and thought that was good, but last nights was better. Maybe the hard racing comes across better on TV on the tarmac tracks than shale does, or maybe more of the incidents were caught? Whatever it was I enjoyed it. Wednesdays at 8pm won't be the same again now! My only minor constructive criticism would be with the graphics which show the race results and the race name (e.g. 'Heat one' in the lower left) etc, they look a little amateur and are tricky to read sometimes with jagged lines.
  7. mike_f1

    Thieving scum

    Birmingham is such a trouble spot for this kind of stuff unfortunately. I had my car broken into last year there and have heard of countless others. Like someone else was saying there's so many paths, nooks and crannies people could hide in it's almost an impossible task for the security team to cover every area unfortunately. As a driver and spectator you have to be vigilant and best prepared at wheels. When we raced the rebel there we were always reminded before hand to double check everything is shut away and locked before leaving the pits to race. Even then the van alongside us was broken into and phones and sat nav taken! I love the racing at Brum but this really puts me off going. I'll only go now if I can get there early enough to ensure I can make it into the main car park!
  8. Really enjoyed Saturday night and with the possible exception of the PA system was a bit surprised to hear a lot of the negative comments. Excellent atmosphere as ever at a Cov WF. Loved the display of heritage cars, good selection now compared to the few which were around years ago. Alot of effort had gone in to the superb exhibition too although a few I spoke to never realised it was there tucked behind the display. Top job Jeremy, Sandhu, Sophie and everyone else involved in such a big undertaking
  9. Agree with most of what's already been posted, best yet! The atmosphere at the World final came over really well I think. Viewing figures were up too, 1.9 million watched last night, the best yet! (taken from DigitalSpy)
  10. Overnight figures are in from DigitalSpy... Slightly down on last week but still an impressive 1.58 Million viewers for Gears and Tears. It does mention that is a figure from 10:45-11:15pm which doesn't quite align with the slot time, so not sure how much of a true reflection that is.
  11. Great to see stock cars on my TV last night! Superb first episode, can't wait for next Monday's. Interestingly, DigitalSpy states the the programme pulled in 1.77 million viewers (11.2% of TV audience) last night! I don't know anything about these numbers but I'd say that's pretty impressive for the time it was on! Now what would happen if that lot turned up at Cov on Saturday... http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/news/a25524...ses-to-17m.html
  12. mike_f1

    Ayrton Senna

    Don't know about Senna but Lewis Hamilton drove FWJ's F1 for an article in a car mag (AUTOCAR maybe??) in about 2000. They had a selection of famous faces in motorsport including Lewis and FWJ doing laps in a series of different cars, one of which was Wainmans tar car. Can't remember the exact quote but in summary it mentioned Lewis was one of the best in the BriSCA F1
  13. Difficult one as Stu Smith is so entertaining to watch at the moment and so fast. However, seeing Tony win the Final and how happy he was with it and the cheers on the homestraight, I think it has to go to him. DOTD: 91 Racing Rating: 7
  14. 17.5" and includes a blue vinyl cover £70 ONO PM on here is best. Can deliver to certain F1 or Rebel meetings. Mike
  15. mike_f1

    Daytona 500

    Slightly off topic a little but keeping with the USA racing theme. I got a text from my dad who's over there and was at New Smyrna Speedway last night to see Gordon Moodie out there in the IMCA Modifieds. He got 16th out of 27 starters in last nights first event of the week. Not bad! The website's here if anyones interested - http://www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org/html/ws-news.shtml
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