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  1. Cornwall for me, Dobwalls in fact, where you always have to queue in the summer About 15 miles into Cornwall. Cornish born and proud, but maybe just a little inbred
  2. Good Old Boy

    Guess Who?

    Did Bills beetle car go to Jamsey? As for Bernies car, I know that Gilson Rowe (ex 76 and ??) and Neil Johnson (ex 571?) built some Pitcher replicas. Gilson still has the plans for that car so Bernie may have copied that. Just a wild guess though
  3. What about Tim Farrell, I'm sure he would do justice to it, or are the F1 brigade worried about being outshone again by another F2 star man
  4. Good Old Boy

    Mike James

    If he did then he drives and swings a sledge pretty good for a one arm bandit
  5. All this nonsense about RCE, DK, and Randall cars is laughable. Bradbury is flying, and what does he drive, yes that's right, one built by the master car builder. The man that they all copied, The Higmeister.
  6. Mr Bump, how the hell can you say that Murray is ugly? Have you looked in the mirror lately. I think that you are the one that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!! Have you finished that pasty yet???
  7. Even though the driver is the one that is ultimatley responsible for the spec of his car, I feel in this instance that it would be very harsh if Danny Hunt is given a lengthy ban. You could agrue that by winning a championship with an illegal car he is bringing the sport in to disrepute. It is also a bit harsh to say that his engine builder is a cheat. I don't beleive that for a second the driver or the engine builder would deliberatley set out to cheat. In this instance I think that as there is no performance gain, only a reliabilty advantage, the driver should be given a suspended ban and the Board should look into these cams being allowed. Surely if something that can be used that only costs very little extra is a good thing if it makes engines last a bit longer. As we all know the engine is the single most expensive item in a race car, and if they can be made more reliable then full credit to the engine builders for doing it. Maybe there should be periodic checks of engines so that when it comes to the spotlight of championship events the good name of the sport is not blackened by something so trivial. Sorry to go on, but just my twopenneth worth. Cheers Good old boy
  8. Iam looking to get in contact with Colin Casserley, does anyone have an email address or phone number. Cheers Michael
  9. It seems to me that whatever rules are put in place there will always be a number of drivers who try to benefit from, let's say, their different interpretation of the rules. What the sport should do as a whole is to ban all rule breakers. if they had a policy of zero tolerance then the rule breakers would soon get the message. 1st offence = 1 months ban, 2nd offence = 3 months. None of this suspended bans, hit them hard. Also, why not take all their points away from the previous month and get them to pay back their winnings from the same time. By the way, great drive in the final at St Day Cabs.
  10. The tossers part wasn't aimed at 467, but at the alledged cheats in the first part of my message.
  11. That's the thing with opinions, we've all got them, and I don't have a problem with anyone voicing theirs, as long as it's politely done. As mine was. At the end of the day it's not worth falling out with anyone over. Maybe you're right, maybe it's just that I'm just a little biased as I have to repair it!!
  12. Mark, 642, 667, etc are definetly not pish, there was a lot more faster cars in the heats. I don't have a problem with red tops etc hitting the lower graders, that's what the racing is all about. What I do object to is the fact that it didn't need to be so hard. There's a lot of damage to repair and pay for. Jonny is a numpty at times. I think that for the next meeting I'm going to bring my young lads reigns to put him in. I was angry, but I bit my tongue (for once!) and just politley said to 467 that I thought it was a bit harsh. I had to laugh, because for once Higgy actually agreed with me and we didn't end up arguing over it as per normal. The only way to look at it I suppose is that what goes round comes round. Same place same time in a fortnight, only with less damage this time!!!!!!!!
  13. I like your style!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. or is it just a case of who you are........
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