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  1. I didn't edit my post due to prices. I still think its massively better value for money. I edited the post as after I put it I realised this topic has been talked about soooooo many times it's completely pointless.
  2. I don't do many meetings these days, can't afford to. I've voted with my feet and moved to other sports offering better value for money. Everyone has a choice.
  3. f1racergirl

    World Final

    Move to Hednesford - a pain to get out of but would rather suffer that than pay for the privelage of looking at the back of someones coat all day. NIR is bad enough for viewing at euro weekend.
  4. Shocked and saddened by the news, he was a brilliant bloke and a true friend, I’ll miss him immensely. RIP Stu Linda
  5. Northampton - the world final weekend should always be a double header.
  6. f1racergirl

    Euro's Weekend

    So is the £20 per tent or per car?
  7. f1racergirl

    Euro's Weekend

    this is the same argument we have every year - personally I think the cost of camping is too expensive - I travel down on my own and think a more reasonable price per person per night would encourage more people to stay over and attend both days. Not everyone wants to bunk up together (or have an option to) and most only want to stay one night. As it is I feel stockcars is now an expensive sport to go watch and have voted with my feet - only doing 2 meetings this year. I now go to BSB meetings where I get 2 full days track entertainment (as in 9am - 5pm) events going on throughout the day and free bands in an evening with camping facilities that are worth paying for (hot showers, toilets that flush etc) - all for £50 a weekend. They also let you take into the track cooler boxes full of food, bbq's and as much beer as you like with no arguments (I do realise not all tracks prevent you from doing this) As some others have said - you have a choice if you attend or not. I just think it's a shame they have started charging so much for camping that it makes people turn away from the sport and go looking for alternatives.
  8. f1racergirl

    national series

    I admit that the shootout has added some much needed interest to the meetings towards the end of the season - however I do not think it should be for the silver roof. The silver roof has always been for the points champion - the person with the most points at the end of the season - and this is how I personally think it should stay. Too many of our championships are desided over 1 race (I know the shootout is more than one race, but I'm sure you see the point) it was nice to have something to show for someone who consistantly puts in the effort and does well, whomever that driver may be.
  9. f1racergirl

    FWJ 515

    An outstanding effort by a truely dedicated team.
  10. As of wed night he wasn't planning on racing this weekend.
  11. I think he will be racing in Gary's car (the one he had out at NIR towards the back end of last season)
  12. f1racergirl

    silver stripes

    I agree with what people have previously posted - all points from all meetings should be counted and the one with the most should be the national points champion. These other national series - shootout things do add to the season and are interesting to see who wins however i think they should be seperate championships.
  13. Just to keep you all posted, I happyly gave Craig £400 on monday, I've paid all the ebay and paypal fees so far so everything anyone has contributed has gone straight to him, so a very very big thank you to everyone who has been nice enough to help out. There's been a few more people bid on ebay since so I'll be adding those to it soon. Once again THANK YOU!!
  14. The link still works, I've sent you a pm
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