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  1. Stoxnet makes me want to go to the races. They should pay stoxnet for doing a brilliant job of promoting the sport.
  2. Good night Uncle Stuart My Mum (Stuart's sister) was always proud of you So were me, Paul and Jenny RIP x
  3. thanks for that dave. very useful. so the high BHP is good for acceleration but necessarily good for maintaining a good motorway speed? the sprinter is not good for us because the design of the back doors aren't what we need. The new shape transit doors are better in that respect. I'm going to the van auction tomorrow so I'll see what turns up. If I can get a vito 110 or 112 at the right price I might go for that. And I'll keep an eye on the new shape trannies too. THANKS
  4. hello. quick bit of advice needed please. I'm buying a van to tow a box trailer and I'm looking at the Merc Vito at the moment and there are 3 models readily available - 108, 110, 112 which have 80, 100 and 120 BHP respectively and they all have the same 2.2L CDI Diesel engine. So I have a couple of questions? 1. what practical benefit does a greater horsepower give? 2. what practical benefit does a larger engine size give? 3. would you rather have a larger engine or more horsepower? obviously, those are dumb questions but that's the level I'm at. thanks mark
  5. the past few videos are playing in fast-motion for me. anyone else getting that?
  6. Recovery truck wanted. 7.5t please email yonnermark [at] gmail [dot] com with any info thanks mark
  7. yonnermark

    F1 Gradings

    well done to 391 for getting up to SS. (he did just move up right?)
  8. yep. great 2nd half by liverpool chuffed for them
  9. very cool video. thanks for that. wish I'd have gone now
  10. yonnermark


    just thought I'd send a "congrats" out to 390 for the heat win. well done stu
  11. yonnermark


    don't think the new car is finished yet
  12. the "fast reply" is good (is that new?) its still quite clutted though. i bet no-one hardly clicks "email this topic" or "print this topic" or "multi+" or "top". could be really stripped down for a faster pageload time but its great. the best stock car forum i've found
  13. contact dave billings: http://www.tornadomotorsport.co.uk/ he's in derby and I have NO IDEA if he's in a position to help but he has a good sized patch of land. He currently races hotfords at buxton but he's been getting in formula ministox too so he might like the idea of having f2 available to race. just a thought.
  14. yeah why? and why was it breathtaking?
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